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Sport Bromley
honours John Blackie

  Sport Bromley presented       19 has become the fastest ever    she is well known. A Bromley
  their annual awards for       British lady sprinter. John is a  team was required for indoor
  Coach and Volunteer of        well renowned and extremely       rowing for the London Youth
  the Year on Monday 5th        successful sprint, hurdles and    Games and Manola, starting
  October at the Pavilion in    jumps coach and has won this      from scratch, very successfully
  Bromley. The Mayor plus       award previously. His squad       put together and trained a
  Council leader and also the   includes English Schools          team of 10 pupils from years
  Chief Executive attended the  Champions, National and           7 to 11 that placed a very
  Bromley celebration of their  International medalists at all    creditable 13th out of the 30
  2015 London Youth Games       ages, even over 60 years of       odd London Boroughs. But
  participation and Sport       age! It was acknowledged that     this in no way was allowed
  Bromley used the occasion to  if Dina is as successful in Rio   to impact on her fencing
  make their awards.            in 2016 as we all hope then       commitments. Indeed,
The Coach of the year award     Sport Bromley will have not       Manola has previously won
was presented to John Blackie   much option but to present        the Coach of the year award
by Sport Bromley President,     John with the same trophy         for her work in that Sport.
Bernard Holley. John is the     again next year!
Coach to local lass Dina        Volunteer of the year was
Asher-Smith who this year at    Manola Toschi-Restivo but
                                not for her work in her chosen
                                sport of Fencing for which
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