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Club News                     49

skill to produce a chronicle in  1	 The 150th Season would       These recommendations
the true spirit of the club.       run from March 2019 to        were placed before the
Remembering such                   March 2020.                   Executive Committee at the
appropriate events as marked                                     November 2015 meeting and
the centenary celebrations,      2	 Two logos to be designed     were endorsed accordingly.
particular athletic and social     with a 150th season theme,    There would be no formal
events were considered,            for clothing and for other    stipulation as to when the
although not as carbon copies      items including the website.  Club History update might
of those held in 1969. After                                     be completed but Chris
considering a repeat of the      3	 An update to the club        Haines suggested it would be
100 x 1 mile relay, it was         history will be published.    a five year project to allow
generally accepted that this                                     for research into subjects
would not be appropriate         4	 An invitiation Anniversary   with very little formal
and a quite different mass         Meeting will be arranged      records. Andy Edwards, PP
participation event involving                                    Pat Calnan and VP Wilf
all ages was considered          5	 The Club Dinner in           Orton have expressed an
more relevant. However an          2019 would be held at a       interest in taking this on.
Invitation 150th Anniversary       prestigious venue.
Meeting at Norman Park
Track should be arranged to      6	 A dinner dance or modern
include 150m sprints and the       equivalent should be held at
Sydney Wooderson Memorial          a local venue.
800m races to reflect the
club’s strengths and standing
in athletics.
Two main social events would
be held one of which would
be the Club Dinner, to take
place at a prestigious venue,
similar to such previously
used venues as the Mansion
House and the House of
Commons, but not necessarily
these two in present times.
By having prestigious venues
it would be easier to attract
official guests of some
standing. The other would be
a Dinner Dance to be held at
a more local venue such as the
Warren or the New Inn.
In summary the
recommendations of the Ad
Hoc Group were as follows:
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