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46                                                   Obituary

   Bill Graham

     1941 to 2016

                   It is with deepest regret that    birth of a new child. His
                   we report that Bill Graham        generosity with this particular
                   sadly succumbed to cancer         skill of his was legendary.
                   at the age of 74. Bill joined     He had a wonderful sense of
                   the Club in October 1987.         humour and it was always a
                   After playing football at         pleasure to speak with him.
                   a very decent level, he           He was a warm, loyal man
                   competed in a large number        of immense integrity who
                   of races at different distances,  when he retired and moved
                   particularly at cross country     to Whitstable, with wife
                   in the late 80s and early 90s.    Val, worked with those with
                   These included an impressive      special needs at a wild life
                   61.1.00 at the Mob Match at       centre and in carpentry. Both
                   Ranelagh in January 1991          he and Val successfully made
                   for which he gained a 2nd         a new life for themselves in
                   place in the handicap, a          Whitstable and it was only a
                   decent 35.28 at the Club 5 in     few years ago that he became
                   October 1988, and several         a local hero when abseiling
                   runs just over the hour in        down a tall building on the
                   other mob matches. His            sea front for charity.
                   best for the half marathon        As an athlete, he may not
                   was 1.39.58 and these             have achieved the heights
                   performances should include       of the elite but his attitude
                   the marathon where his best       to clubmanship was par
                   performance at this distance      excellence. Amongst those
                   was in the 1992 London in         of a particular era and age
                   which he recorded a very          but particularly by Val and
                   respectable 3.32.55.              his family Bill will be greatly
                   However his really great          missed.
                   contribution to the club was in
                   the field of photography. He                       Graeme Williams
                   was an excellent photographer
                   having worked for many years
                   with the Express Group of
                   newspapers. His work often
                   featured in the Gazette and
                   included many events such as
                   the day Dame Mary Peters in
                   1996 graced us by opening the
                   ladies changing facilities. He
                   recorded for posterity a wide
                   variety of family occasions
                   such as weddings, significant
                   birthdays, anniversaries or
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