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Hanna and Dave Cordell were
in the middle of putting the
tent up at the start!. Needless
to say we were not amused.
However, as we have such as
strong pedigree in this event
we are able to compete in
the National event and we
took a strong team to Sutton
Coldfield. We came 19th
which was our best finish since
2006 when we finished... 19th.
Herrington Country Park... the course was a quagmire of mud and snow
On what was an overcast
the first lap and a bit, moving team was soon ready for the and blustery day, the rain just
over the snow and mud like it annual national supper, a pint about managed to hold off
wasn t the risk to life and limb or two and a waltz around although it was constantly
it actually was. This excellent Middlesbroughs night life. spitting. Despite that, the team
performance was buoyed by the inclusion
followed by a of two GB internationals in
terrific run in the Mike Skinner 6th in 0:42:02 the form of Mike Skinner and
inter-counties Andy Rayner 73rd in 0:45:23 Scott Overall. Rising to the
cross country Peter Tucker 101st in 0:46:11 challenge, Andy Rayner and
saw Mike receive Alex Gibbins 142nd in 0:47:12 James Poole put in stellar runs
another call up Ian Frith 188th in 0:48:37 to put Blackheath in 1st place
for the World Danny Brewer 227th in 0:49:41 after the second leg, leaving
Cross Country Sam Barnes 245th in 0:50:04 Alex Gibbins to narrowly lead
championship Jon Vintner 350th in 0:52:34 out a host of very talented
in Bydgoszcz, Richard Daniels 516th in 0:56:12 runners. Steve Cooper ran an
Poland. The Ollie Robinson 601st in 0:58:02 excellent leg, a few years after
rest of the team Richard Hall 756th in 1:01:44 his last road relays outing, and
followed Mike Ian Taylor 764th in 1:01:57 we had very good runs from
home. George Vacharopoulos and
The team was 11th within the A relay solid race Ross Bradon. Both Mike and
6 to score and 10th in the 9 to The South of England 12 Scott carried the baton on,
score competition. Stage Road Relays was a moving through the ranks with
When the team arrived back qualifier for the National 12 ease, and Finton Parkinson,
at the hotel they looked like Stage Road Relay and a big also running the London
we were a bunch of street goal from the start of the Marathon the following week,
urchins or oversized extras season. However, the race was ran a very solid race.
from Oliver Twist such was cancelled on the morning of We were advised that this
the state of them. A shower, race day and most of the team would also double up as the
a dip in the pool and the were already en route, in fact cancelled Southern 12 Stage
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