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Athletics Report 9

Championships. We finished for the world championships
7th in the South. If this is in Moscow, those running
confirmed, it will be our best over 100 marathons and those
result since we came 7th in aiming for that all-important
2003. PB.
The individual results were: Scott Overalls prep for the
race wasn t the
best and he
Andrew Rayner (10) 26:47 withdrew around
James Poole (1) 14:22 the 25 kilometre Past president Mike Peel, an
Alex Gibbins (14) 29:05 mark. Deciding it ever present in London, took
Steve Cooper (20) 16:52 would be best to the start but was unable to
Michael Skinner (14) 26:50 focus his efforts complete the course. Mikes
Georges Vacharopoulos (16) 16:29 on running well achievement of simply making
Peter Tucker (16) 28:24 in Berlin in the it to the start line on this
Ross Braden (17) 16:30 autumn. occasion should be applauded.
Scott Overall (12) 26:18 Pete Tucker was
David McKinlay (13) 16:34 the first home Richard Daniels who only a
Fintan Parkinson (16) 30:55 in 2:27, Mike few years ago had suffered
Danny Brewer (19) 16:56 Skinner in his first with cancer was running for a
charity where he had most of
marathon was his treatment. Richard finished
second home in
Finale, the London Marathon 2:28. Finton Parkinson made his first marathon in 3:53.
The London Marathon the third team place finishing Coda
is a major occasion in in 2:43 this meant that the Finally, we should pay a
the sporting calendar, in Blackheath team finished in special tribute to everyone
Londons calendar and that 5th place, a great performance. that supported the team
of the Blackheath Harriers. The London Marathon across the winter season, Dave
Everyone on the start line contains so many stories it and Hanna Cordell made an
had their own goals in mind. would be impossible to tell amazing effort to get the tent
Those aiming for selection them all, but a few stand out. to every race in all sorts of
weather. We all get a kick out
of running and the people
that cheer you on when the
going gets tough make all
the difference. So thank you.
Across the season we just
missed out on medals, we were
close, but no cigar. Next year
medals are the target.

The London Marathon baggage team Richard Hall
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