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Interview 5
Your new Vice Presidents...

The Cordells drove our mean athlete himself he was
team up there in comfort, always one of the last to be
and whilst we were having started off in the staggered
a leisurely breakfast, David start.
and Hanna were... at 7.30am One of the founder members
driving the coach to the of the Bees Academy and the
venue arriving in a blizzard 365 athletics academy hes
and then putting up the tent been tireless in encouraging Mike Sheppard
to provide some degree of boys and girls of all age He has made a major
comfort. At the end she groups to develop their contribution to the club in
drove the coach back from athletic talent from juniors to the last few years. I know
Sunderland and with David senior level and to become nothing of his personal
and others unpacked and athletics achievements but
cleaned the tent in the mens members of a successful he was a team manager for
showers. Thats the kind of junior athletics team. the Club from 2005 to 2009
dedication you get from her His coaching qualifications
so I have no hesitation in include UK Athletics, Level looking after, at various
commending Hanna to be 2 Coach; UK Athletics, times, successful U13, U15,
Vice President. Children in Athletics U17 and U20 girls. He has
Coach; Leader in Running also served on the General
Fitness 1st4sport, Level 2; Committee, providing technical
Multi-Skills Development assistance by arranging for the
in Sport (QCF); Certified acquisition of mobile phones
Metafit Coach; Endurance for team managers, and helped
coach to the Kent County the Wine Committee with
Athletics Squad and a bar equipment. If we need
member of Sports coach volunteers for an event I can
Mick Jones UK. Hes also attended guarantee that he is one person
Played a prominent role in courses on such diverse who will always be there. If
the development of young subjects as Positive Behavior you ring him up hell say yeah
athletes in the club and in the Management in Sport I can deal with that. Hes a
wider sporting community. and Youth Development very modest individual and a
I got to know him for his & Physical Preparation. fine athlete, and a fine example
regular participation in the Hes provided professional of what this club needs. What
Parris Handicap which Rob coaching, events organisation, I call an unprompted tea-towel
Brown and I have been actively coaching at Norman grabber. Someone like that
organising. After a while he Park and developing many isn t obviously a top authority
came to be accompanied by young people to the sport at one thing but is a great
his hareem of young girls to give them pleasure in all rounder, making a great
who he brought along and participation. Hes also contribution to the club. Thats
he set the trend for getting very popular so my next exactly the sort of person we
youngsters involved. No nomination is Mick Jones. need He is Mike Sheppard.
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