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A club well worth backing From the Editor
Thanks to our sponsors: Welcome to the Winter edition for 2013/14
Biggin Hill Airport written in the height of summer although
Jack Petchey Foundation recently I was privileged to attend a special
So Clean birthday party for three past presidents at
and to many other generous which the weather was lurching awkwardly
individuals who offered backing from summer to spring whilst displaying the
and assistance. odd chill of autumn. Yet it was an occasion for
The big question on most people’s minds right now is of course that
of whether we as a club are to locate to a new home in the next few
ONTENTS years or do what we can with the premises we have had for many
years. A recently conducted survey organised by Past President
Interview Bob Cliff has thrown up a number of interesting results, not in the
1 Interview with least a preference from the younger members to move on in a new
President Dick Griffin direction and to a different place not just in terms of location but in
6 Profiles of new VPs character and to attract a wider circle of members.
Although the survey has been taken this is not the time to
Athletics Reports comment here on the conclusions reached as to the decisions but
8 Senior men it will doubtless prove to be a guide as to the direction that not
12 Senior women only future generations of members will wish the club to move
14 National XC championships in but also those who have played their part in moving the club
forward so it can embrace change willingly.
16 Indoor track
19 Masters In a summer better known for the World Cup let’s not forget the
Commonwealth Games where the club had several athletes
20 Tri club competing in the games including Serita Soloman, Shaunagh
22 Junior athletes Brown, Chioma Matthews, Lorraine Ugen and most well known of
all our jewel in the crown Adam Gemili who would make his mark
Features both there and at the European Championships in Zurich.
28 Confessions of a I’ve only really had one feature article for this issue but at least our
Bennett Cup winner resident wit Andy Tucker has chipped in with a piece which has the
kind of flair and banter that I always want to see in any issue worth
Obituary reading. So have a good read and if you have anything which you
32 Ken Johnson think worth including in any future issue just let me know.
Before signing off I wish to offer grateful thanks to the following
for willingly providing articles for this issue:
President Dick Giffin, PP Steve Hollingdale, Paul Austridge VP,
PP Pat Calnan, PP Anne Cilia, Dave McKinlay VP, Richard Hall VP,
PP Peter Baigant, Andy Tucker VP, Jane Bradshaw VP,
Alex Gibbins VP, Jennie Butler, Colin Norris and Marco Arcuri.
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