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Interview 5

until I arrived and we crossed
the line together! The team got
silver medals in the 3AAAs
long distance championships.
Common question for all new
presidents especially those
joining before the mid 90s.
How has the club changed in
the last 25 years or so?
Dick as the Queen’s Police Oficer The most noticeable change
since I joined is the lack of
personally to Mike Peel who a different chateau where we interest in mob matches.
made me most welcome. each had a glass of wine! 6½ When I joined the club you
When I completed 40 hours was the cut off so we were expected to compete
marathons I met some guys took 6:15. You don’t want to in all mob matches. We used
from the ‘100 Marathon Club’ rush something that good... to be over 100 in our side. I
who invited me to come with that’s 6½ hours of drunken remember Anne Cilia taking
them on their trips. I went running! I’d recommend that over 70 runners to Orion. But
from one marathon a year to one to all your readers and recently we took 25 runners
8 or 9, then 10 or 20 year and listeners. to the last Orion away match.
then I’d done 100... 200 and Running these ixtures on
now I’ve done 238 marathons. Then you’ve graduated to the Saturdays does not help as
However I’m retiring on 262 ultra marathon. more people work that day
(a variant of 26.2) so I have That came about one time now. I am trying to change
24 to go, then I’ll quit! In my when Brian Todd mentioned our home matches to a Sunday
marathon running career I’ve to me that John Turner had morning. It’s pointless having
an ambition to form a team
been to Berlin, Stockholm, of 4 runners to complete the mob matches with only 25
Chicago, Rome, and Paris. runners. We can’t carry on
London to Brighton Road
What was your best marathon Race, but we were one short. like this and unless we do
something radical such as
performance or favourite Could I make up the team? I moving the ixture to Sundays
marathon for that matter? did but someone in the team we won’t have these matches
My best London was 3:08 failed to stay the course and
but of course there were no for some years after that we in 10 years. If we match our
chips in those days so I had couldn’t get a full team out. 25 against the opposition’s 90
then we’ll know the result of
to accept oficial time so But then in 1996 we got 4 the match before it starts.
many a few minutes quicker. home. Gareth and I ran it
My favourite marathon was that year and promised to Is there a danger that people
the Medoc Marathon. Dave inish together. He got there find themselves volunteering
King, Peter Lovell, Denis 1 hour before me but refused for jobs out of a sense of duty
Lawrie and I did it dressed to cross the line so waited just or guilt?
as Hula Hula ladies in fancy short of the line much to the All clubs need volunteers to
dress. Every mile ran through consternation of the oficials keep clubs running and it
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