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Interview 3

and “that’s the end of your acting Philip gaffs: To students in
career!” “Well sir” ... I replied... China in 1986, “If you stay here
“there’s a slight problem there... too long you will get slitty eyes:”
we’ve been invited to do the play at On meeting the president of
Windsor Castle for the Queen!” Nigeria who was dressed in
Did you find Cambridge to national costume in 2003, “ You
look like you are ready for bed” :
be an elitist institution or an and, best of all, to a Scottish
open one? driving instructor in 1995.
Cambridge University is elitist “How do you keep the natives off
academically yes – in that it the booze long enough to pass the
And were you able to take selects the brightest students test!”
but socially no. There are a
in and enjoy the university disproportionate number of What on earth happened with
As a policeman I was made privately schooled pupils for the giant panda?
a large variety of reasons.
In 1986 I went on a tour
more than welcome by Predominantly, that a much of China with the Duke of
everybody and I had some of
the happiest years of my life... greater proportion of them Edinburgh and we visited a
Edward played Rugby for his apply compared to students giant panda research station.
college whilst I was able to do from state schools. But there The BBC were ilming Prince
are very very few ‘Toffs’, most
Philip live holding the latest
my long distance running... people are still quite normal baby panda born at the
Edward would come along on
his bike to give me drinks and and friendly regardless of research station, the mother
look after me, so it was like where they went to school. was in a cage nearby and was
role reversal. As well as sport All are united in one aim and getting very agitated by all the
that is to get a good degree.
people around her and lashed
there was also acting. Edward Oxbridge universities get the out with her paw catching me
produced plays at college and
would always include a part for cleverest people in the land. a glancing blow across the
me. The irst play I performed In 1986 you transferred to top of my leg which needed
in was called “Glitterball the Household of The Duke stitches. Thus according
to The Daily Telegraph I
prizes” and I was given a of Edinburgh. Is he really so became the irst Metropolitan
part. I was a bouncer and outspoken? What are his most
was on stage for only about amusing anecdotes? Police Oficer in the 150 year
5 minutes, but the Prince of Prince Philip... I worked as his history of the Police Force to
Wales came to watch it, and Protection Oficer for 13 years, be injured on duty by being
savaged by a giant panda!
it was such a success that my 1986 to 1999. He is the most
face was on every tabloid the amazing man, so much energy. In 1999 you became
next day. “Edward’s minder He deinitely does not suffer The Queen’s Police Officer.
steals the show” was one of the fools gladly but I found him What were the highlights of
headlines. However afterwards the most wonderful person those years?
an assistant commissioner told to work for. Naturally he will After 13 years with Prince
me that I was the headline in speak his mind so here are Philip I was transferred
every national tabloid paper... some of my favourite Prince to the Housedhold of Her
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