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Confessions of a Bennett Cup Winner

that the following April I was youngsters? Why have they
During a season in which supposed to be running 26.2 all disappeared off into the
injuries and the demands of Virgin’s inest miles around distance? No respect for their
of training for the London London. That was looking elders. I beat them to the tea
Marathon threatened to take extremely doubtful... and cakes afterwards though.
their toll Andy Tucker’s That’s experience for you.
quest for the Bennett Cup Will Bolton Relays (14.9.13)
was inally successful and was The opening event found the Orion vs Blackheath
a prelude to running a sub usual mass of participants mob match (23.11.13 – away)
three hour marathon. Here by locking to Sparrows Den for This was a good old fashioned
confessing all he is even willing the relays. As we were short cross country race. The
to admit such human failings of a couple of runners I ran course, which used to be one
as a weakness for cakes and two legs. It made sense as I of the toughest, has been
doughnuts. have two. I took it steady so ‘improved’ over recent years
nothing remarkable to report with the addition of more
other than that both laps footpaths etc. The last couple
Recipe were only 1 second difference of races I had done there
Bennett Cup Winning in time - 17:22 and 17:23. have been dry. Not this time.
Formula Consistent. Consistently slow. The course was OK to start
Ingredients: That put me 98th and 99th in off with but quickly became
boggy and rutted. Worse
9 cross country races between the overall race positioning.
September and March If I had known I would have were the numerous roots and
Mud tried to outsprint myself. divots which are hidden under
Stiles My Achilles spoke with me the blanket of fallen leaves –
Hills afterwards and told me I was beautiful but deadly. I had a
Roots an idiot. I get that a lot. steady run where I spent more
Flood water Club 5 miler (29.9.13) time trying to avoid serious
Assorted weather damage to my already battered
A mathematics professor Hoorah! The weather is lovely Achilles. I also shadowed
Sheer pig headedness and it’s off over the country one of our youngsters who
Trail shoes again. Who are all these found both the course and
Tea and cakes to garnish
The 2013/14 Bennett Cup
season started on a bit of a
low for me. Coming off of
a poor year’s running I was
also starting to suffer with
Achilles problems. Obviously,
the best way to improve this
condition is to throw yourself
into a demanding cross
country season. That should
help. I was also conscious Orion vs Blackheath mob match
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