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the distance a struggle hit by torrential rain 10 mile XC championship
but managed to keep him and looding bringing (2.2.14)
going to a very good inish. chaos and misery to For those who have not run
Unfortunately my Achilles many. And excellently it, it is our mob match course
had become very bad – I had challenging conditions with a 3 mile loop added at
probably set my recovery for us cross country the beginning. It was a tale
back by a couple of runners. Nice. of the overall conditions
months. We came Following my and the mud. It’s a course
second. Still, they did enforced break of hills, stiles, mud and
have tea and cakes. from running boggy conditions – with just
The Achilles had I had lost enough tarmac to make spikes
now stopped considerable impractical. It was trail shoes
talking to me itness and for me. Following my race in
completely but rather gained a few the Southerns the previous
chose to whine consistently pounds. Nothing to do week I had a fairly good run,
in the background. So had the with tea and cakes. Honest. continuing my improvement. I
wife. I had to face it, I needed If I was to run the VLM I inished 7th in a depleted ield
a break to see if the rest would had better put some work in. of 41 in a fairly unimpressive
help. No running at all for The break had not improved time of 1.14 (although not too
a couple of weeks should do my Achilles as hoped so I set bad in view of the course). I
the trick. That should also out on a programme of easy managed to beat a few people
make me totally miserable by running over longer distances. I had been struggling against
Christmas. Or training for the VLM as but still had a few to catch.
Yacht handicap (21.12.13) it’s also known. Full itness beckons? The
Wet, rain and mud. What’s not Club 10k (10.1.14) Achilles took a battering (more
to like? The youngsters turned A beautiful day saw our 10k so than at the Southerns) as
up again and showed how incorporating the mob match the course is very unforgiving.
well they have progressed, against Beckenham running But they held up. All in all, the
and hard they have worked, club. Lovely race and we beat race epitomized everything I
taking the irst three inishing Beckenham by the closest love about running - I enjoyed
positions. My body ached, of margins – 1359 points it immensely. PB? No, PG
groaned and creaked like an to 1397. And I realised how please, white – one sugar.
achy, groany creaky thing but much work there is to be done Ranelagh vs Blackheath
I pushed myself to mid race if I want to be on the VLM mob match (15.2.14 – away)
mediocrity. Hard work but start line. Still, the Achilles The usually fast 7½ mile
that’s what it takes. And I was and I are on speaking terms course around Richmond Park
up to 9th place in the Bennett again even if what they say was unusually wet and boggy
Cup standings. Did I mention isn’t exactly encouraging. I with some large tracts of
the tea and cakes? opted for the apple turnover. surface water topped off with
A new year dawns. What And a few weeks of intensive some strong winds to boot. I
will it bring? Water. Lots distance running to ‘break in’ loved it – I had to stop myself
of water. The country was the Achilles. from rolling around in the
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