Page 51 - BBHAC Winter 2014-15 Gazette web
P. 51

Luigi Arcuri: p16-17, p18, p19, p21
Julie Asher-Smith: p46 top
Paul Austridge: p12 top, p35
Charlotte Kingston: p12 bottom, p13 bottom, p22, p23, p24, p25, p30, p31, p32, p34
Rod Harrington: p14, p15
Mike Peel: fc, p5, p6, p8, p9, p10, p26, p41, p43, p45, p47
Peter Rogers: p46 bottom
Barry Shapcott: p42
Adrian Stocks: p11
John Turner: p7

The editing team wish to express their thanks for all those who contributed articles and photographs for
this issue. The editorial team make every effort to correctly identify and credit all the photographers but
occasionally this is not possible. If you took a photograph but haven’t been credited please let us know
and we will publish the details in the next Gazette.
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