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Obituary  47

The Quiet Man
Ron Chambers 1934-2015

Not the John Wayne film but     He was in the 1988 Club
a genuinely quiet and modest    photo which features in
man called Ron Chambers.        the updated Club history
Most of us knew him, he         produced in 1989. He
was very polite and probably    is next to Bill Clapham
none of us ever had much        who remembers him with
of a conversation with him.     affection. Ron lived in
Regularly seen in the vicinity  Links Road, West Wickham
on his bike and a frequent      opposite the late Harold
user of the Clubhouse on a      Thompson, a former
Wednesday night.                President of the Club. Bill
                                used to hand deliver copies
Sad to report that Ron died     of his famous (some say
on 11th June. He had been       infamous!) Courier to both
in hospital for just over two   of them.
weeks and came home on
Wednesday 10th but then         Ron is survived by his
suddenly died in his garden     daughter Angela.
on Thursday, Ron was born
on 14th December 1934 and
was 80.

Ron joined the Club on 14th
April 1980, so had been a
member for 35 years. He had
been in the building trade. He
loved his running and was a
regular in mob matches and
all of the other cross country
fixtures. He’d thwarted the
handicapper on a number of
occasions. He had run the
London Marathon and his
best time was a respectable
3.22 which he achieved in
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