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46                                                               Feature


down to watch the National      that finds sanctuary down        As Richard’s term of office
Cross Country Relays on a       the back of your coat and a      has come to its end I’ve
bright but very chilly day.     howling wind that holds you      enjoyed the past year more
Aided only by a cup of hot      tight in its chilly embrace. It  than I thought possible. It
chocolate and a mini-dog        was whilst I was having such     has often been cold, wet and
we settled down to cheer        a great time at said event that  muddy but we’ve also had
our teams on – a flash of       I came up with a new section     fabulous weather, especially
black, a streak of blue and     for the club. I propose setting  for the club BBQs and
magenta and then it was all     up a male, under 30s beach       athletic meetings. Wherever
over in a matter of seconds!    volleyball team to play all our  we have been, we have had
At least with marathons you     home matches in California.      lots of laughs and have really
get your money’s worth as       You have my number if you’re     enjoyed making a whole host
a spectator! We came away       interested.                      of new friends. Long live
with two national titles and a                                   Bromley and Blackheath
four-hour journey south. Ken    Why do cross-country             Harriers.
Daniels navigated us home,      runners complain about
taking over from Sally Satnav   getting cold, wet and muddy?     I arrived at the AGM to
as we approached London.                                         make sure Richard really was
Do not trust a man to get       You don’t hear Tom Daly          vacating his chair and to my
you through the Blackwall       moan that “the board was         utter surprise and delight I
Tunnel on the night that an     very, very high and the water    was made a Vice President.
enormous Firework Party         was really wet” or Greg          The only reason I had not
is being held on Blackheath     Rutherford complain that         become a full member earlier
Common. Nuff said.              “the sand gets in my shoes       was that Associate Members
                                and it’s really annoying.”       are not allowed to run for the
If you want a really fun        Nobody makes you do it; it’s     club. This will not change.
day out, may I suggest you      supposed to be fun!!             Did it, hated it so not going to
volunteer to help at Sparrows                                    do it again!
Den and get involved with the   The Boxing Day run was a
cross- country races. Squelchy  great success but judging the                         Sheila Griffin
ankle-grabbing mud, rain        Fancy Dress was a nightmare.
                                With a couple of exceptions
                                the costumes consisted of a
                                Santa hat or a bit of tinsel,
                                or even worse, shop-bought
                                ones. Look at photos of
                                previous runs for inspiration
                                and spot Denis the Menace,
                                Tarzan and son, the accident
                                victim, Sidney Wooderson,
                                The Weakest Link and many
                                more. This year I will award
                                a bottle of champagne to
                                the most original homemade
                                costume, so get thinking!
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