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so this year she didn’t run in  this was a sign of things       many of the ‘kids’ can do
London and concentrated her     to come? Well she replied,      them. That in itself is more
efforts on the cross country    potentially…….                  than just mere prescience.
and duly experienced an                                         Hopefully with more younger
improvement.                    If the Cup has been in the      runners coming through the
                                past the preserve of the        club might be able to arrest
Of course she still has a       seasoned male veteran           the decline in mob match
lot in her favour having no     runner, usually middle aged     participation and lack of
parental responsibilities or    and ‘sporty’ in pedigree,       noticeable upcoming talent,
being encumbered by family      then it’s about time that the   and be able to field a larger
commitments…. “I can get        barriers were broken and        contingent of runners at these
to run races….. I do them       other categories were given     events.
and sometimes am the only       the chance to show what they
female there…” But she          can do, particularly the young  She acknowledged the fact
accepts that it is hard for     athletes coming through.        that we have struggled to
other ladies to compete due     She hopes that the kind of      get decent turnouts at key
to their other commitments.     courses which the nine races    cross country matches, and
That is why being the first     are run over ought to become    that switching home fixtures
lady to win the Bennett Cup     more attractive to young (pre-  from Saturday afternoons
is such an achievement.         adult) runners and expressed    to Sunday mornings has
In doing so I asked her if      her pleasant surprise to how    not seemed to make much
                                                                difference. Sometimes though
                                                                it is whether the appeal of
                                                                running over rough country
                                                                and in different degrees of
                                                                mud would be an incentive
                                                                for the youth of the club to
                                                                take to the country. In the
                                                                end it is probably more of an
                                                                acquired taste which comes
                                                                with maturity.

                                                                On the subject of running
                                                                conditions underfoot she
                                                                admits to being something
                                                                of a purist. “I like the hillier
                                                                courses and prefer it when
                                                                they are wetter too”. She
                                                                feels less happy with firm
                                                                ground especially the kind of
                                                                rutted surfaces which when
                                                                uneven are most likely to
                                                                cause ambitious competitors
                                                                to sustain a twisted ankle.
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