Page 33 - BBHAC Winter 2015-16 Gazette
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Feature                             31

                                                                        second place ensured that she
                                                                        consolidated her position to
                                                                        clinch the cup by a slender
                                                                        margin of 2 points. It was, as
                                                                        she remarked, all good fun.

                                                                        Finally the success in winning
                                                                        the Bennett Cup has been
                                                                        the icing on the cake for
                                                                        what has been for Sarah a
                                                                        distinguished athletic winter.
                                                                        Her achievement this past
                                                                        season have included getting a
                                                                        Kent vest and running in the
                                                                        inter counties championships
                                                                        for the first time. As she
                                                                        approaches another winter
                                                                        of competition she hopes
                                                                        to be selected again for the
                                                                        inter counties. Onwards and

                                                                                                Wilf Orton

“I like hillier courses and prefer it  was the first lady home and
when they are wetter too.”             it gave her the satisfaction of
                                       keeping fairly close to Steve
Not all cross country is, as           Pairman, her closest rival in
the armchair critics claim is          the cup. “It was the first race
soft and yielding, but then she        in which I could see him at
has experienced the kind of            the end… so close I was to
mud which in its own way is            see him that I knew I’d done
potentially hazardous.                 really well”. On the other
                                       hand there was the closing 5
Of all the races she was asked         where she “ran as hard as I
to rate she had two which              could”. In this scenario where
stuck out as her favourites.           she had a specific target she
On the one hand there was              knew that she had to go all
the Richmond Mob Match                 out and she did, and knowing
against Ranelagh, often                that she had to pass so many
considered by many to be a             people to get the points her
fast relatively flat course. She
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