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28                                                                Athletics Report


total performances. The ages     If you run all nine you get a    miles (as opposed to just the
of the runners ranged from       special medal for doing so,      one race of 26.2 miles) to get
the oldest 74 ( John Isaacs)     one of distinctive quality. 8    one of those. In some ways
to the youngest 10 (Amarisa      runners did all events over six  it’s more valuable than getting
Sibley). Nigel Haffenden         months, more than last year      a big city marathon finisher’s
took two awards, second and      with a further 3 completing      medal.
first in successive races, thus  8 events although more than
defying the handicapper.         half the total sum of runners    So for Sarah, this winter,
Of those 110 taking part         completed no more than 2 but     was one in which gender
in at least one race 30 were     in order to attain that medal    barriers were broken and
under 40 years old (27%          those eight did a total of 56¼   after nearly 25 years of female
of competitors). Of these                                         membership in the club with
runners 23 were under 20                                          the ladies steadily gaining
years old, that is about a                                        more active influence in its
fifth of the field. However it                                    activities, it is fitting that
could be argued that of these                                     lady members now have
most, 17 out of 23, ran in only                                   inspiration to follow in a
one or two events mainly                                          competition long dominated
the shorter ones such as the                                      by men.
relays (in almost summer
conditions) so perhaps cross                                                              Wilf Orton
country is still not attractive
enough amongst the younger       Dave Cordell, on his last day as President, presents the Bennett Cup to
members and more so in the       winner Sarah Belaon
20s and 30s. It seems that it
is particularly competed for
by those in their 50s which
was the age range with most
participants. (29).
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