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Alan Edward Ball


The Club has lost another       of BHHQ during a period
long-time member with           when a Debenture issue was
the passing of P.P. Alan        raised to pay for an extension
Ball on 23rd January this       to the Clubhouse. On his
year, joining in November       retirement he returned to
1949 a year after his brother   his Devonian roots, moving
Michael. With his prime         to Kingsbridge, an area
interest in the country he was  where they owned a holiday
quickly recruited and enjoyed   home. In the earlier years he
running in the various Club     used to make the journey to
cross country teams over the    attend the Past Presidents’
years, usually to be found in   Supper however with Ann’s
the upper third of the field.   deteriorating health this
In 1954 he teamed up with       became impractical, whilst
Michael as the hares for the    remaining in touch. Alan
traditional Boxing Day Paper    was a temperate individual
Chase, with numerous false      who just got on with things
trails they appeared to have    without fuss, very family
confused the hounds such        originated and be will be
that a majority never came      sadly missed. The funeral
within striking distance.       took place at Stokenham on
His move to a new house         13th February which Past
in Otford enabled him to        Presidents John Baldwin
satisfy his love of gardening   and Chris Haines attended.
something he retained           We send our condolences to
throughout his life. He and     Roger and Joanna.
Ann were regular attenders at
the Saturday evening suppers,                         Peter Baigent
so successful were they in
the raffles with the Johnson’s
and the Oldfield’s that they
were nicknamed the ‘Darenth
Valley Mafia’. In 1962 Alan
became the Treasurer, a
post he was to occupy for
the next six years. A period
of financial changes in the
Club when his professional
qualification as an accountant
proved helpful. He became
Vice-President in 1972
and President just 2 years
later. A few years later he
became Company Secretary
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