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36                                                                 Feature


deadlines. In an age where       place throughout the year.        card is shown as a warning for
many kids end up living in       The youth club is then a          unacceptable behaviour and a
their own bubble with little     vital funnel for attracting in    red card may be given to any
social interaction, the club     volunteers to the club and        offender if the misbehaviour
can encourage teenagers to       these may in the future find      is considered severe. In
develop their social skills and  themselves taking on the          such a case a person’s parent
the art of conversation in       management responsibilities       or guardian will be called
order to exchange views and      of teams for which there is       to collect them from the
ideas.                           always a need. It ensures that    club. This underlines two
“It’s a chance to do things      adults who come will stay and     essential things: that young
you like to do” adds one         support their children when       people are given the chance
teenager, Cameron, and           they compete in the full range    to develop their social skills
“gives me something to           of athletic competition.          and to maintain a strong
look forward to”. Such is                                          awareness of others. So as
the appeal of the club that      On a more serious note            well as providing an outlet for
some of the young people         though the youth club can         fun and recreation the club
have been clamouring for it      be a propagator of good           is serving an educational and
to be made available every       values and behaviour. The         nurturing purpose designed
fortnight, although maybe        Code of Conduct for Young         to guide its young charges
the parents might not always     Athletes operates to remind       towards a state of maturity
agree!                           young people of what is           and awareness of the need for
                                 required of them. It includes     others. It might seem like old
For the parents as well there    matters of fair play, equality,   fashioned values but it helps
is the opportunity to meet       responsibility and behaviour.     to produce well rounded
each other as well and in        Young athletes are requested      individuals.
some cases where they are        to treat others with respect
new to the club the chance       and fairness; encouraged to       In that sort of atmosphere,
to introduce themselves and      look out for themselves whilst    and encouraging the kids
to find their way into the       being aware of the welfare        to be kids but bringing
club’s structure to find such    of others, and to be ready        out their better qualities
roles as coaching, supporting,   to challenge behaviour of         the Youth Club is a new
driving in the various           other which falls below the       dynamic, nurturing the
athletics meeting which take     expected standards of the         coming generation of athletes
                                 main club; and they should        and club members and
                                 respect difference of race,       serving the community in
                                 ethnicity and religious beliefs.  the process. And as the old
                                                                   expression goes “and don’t
                                 On the subject of respecting      the kids love it”.
                                 others the youth club makes it
                                 clear what is not allowed and                             Wilf Orton
                                 lays strong emphasis on good
                                 behaviour and respect for
                                 others. The club operates a
                                 card system in which a yellow
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