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Parris Memorial Shield series 2013

This summer saw the 21st running of the now long established
competition, which could fairly be described as the summer
counterpart to the Bennett Cup. The Parris Handicap is one of
club-running s great levellers allowing runners of all abilities and
standards a chance of athletic achievement. Rob Brown reports on
the events of what will be his last series as event handicapper.

57 runners competed in the hottest and most humid
this year s summer series of of evenings that summer he l-r: New handicapper Dick Griffin
races for the Parris Memorial gained the race lead midway with Rob Brown and Sheila Griffin
Shield. Each of the 6 races through proceedings and in substantial PB in the last race,
is approximately 5km on the the last half mile he just went with Neil Roberts second
road on a yacht handicap hell for leather crossing the and Andy Lawes third. This
basis whereby the slowest line in spectacular style before was an improvement for
runner sets off first and collapsing at the tape in a Clem who tied with Justine
the fastest sets off last with state of complete exhaustion. Eastbury for the top spot
everyone else setting off The contest for the overall in 2012. So this time he is
in between. In theory, all Parris Memorial Shield was the holder of the trophy for
runners should finish more close throughout the season the full 12 months. Many
or less together. Points are and 2 points separated the top congratulations to Clem. As
earned by competitors in each six going into the final race. an overview of the season
race based on their finishing But in the end the winner there were some notable
position with the winner was Clem Leon thanks to a individual performances.
being the person that has
accumulated most points over
the course of the six races.
The trophy is in honour of
Roy Parris, a former member
who died of cancer in 1998.
Individual monthly winners
were Ian Young in April,
Mike Simms in May, John
Leeson in June, Wilf Orton
(Gazette Editor) in July, Neil
Roberts in August and John
Leeson (again) in September.
Could Wilf and John be said
to have won the honours for
runners being in the greatest
state of collapse at the finish?
Well Wilf s performance was
certainly the one infused with
the greatest drama. On one of
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