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The Bees Academy...

producing the next generation of athletes

The editor takes another look at the club s source of future athletic talent
This is a revised version of an caters for very young children. the Norman Park Athletics
article I wrote for the Hayes The games-based activities Track, Hayes Lane, Bromley
review in the autumn of 2011 at certainly place emphasis on during school term times. The
a time when the Bees Academy having fun. One such exercise Saturday sessions continue
was receiving well earned is animal jumps where the through the longer school
attention due to the timely children choose an animal holidays. Coaching continues
recognition of its most famous and practice how to jump like where possible throughout the
coach and director John Blackie. that animal which prepares year and will only be cancelled
them for more conventional
With some of its most famous if the weather is too adverse
graduates, notably Dina Asher athletic jumping. This exercise for it to continue. If a session is
cancelled due to snow it will be
and others aim to develop
Smith gaining international fundamental skills and put on again later in the year or
distinction, it seems worthwhile movements. conducted indoors.
bringing the progress of the For children in school years With around 400 young people
Academy up to date. 3-8, there are two schemes attending at least one coaching
For some time now there has Off Track Endurance. which session a week it probably makes
existed in Bromley a dynamic caters for those who wish to it the biggest athletics academy
and innovative program do endurance-type running, of its kind in the UK. although
designed to encourage young eg cross country and is run the ratio of coaches to children
children to be actively involved out in Norman Park and the is kept to a relatively low level
in athletics. Such a program surrounding woodland. The which allows the coaches to
is the highly successful Bees other is On Track Track & focus better on the youngsters
Academy which operates out of Field. This training group and enable the children to
both Norman Park and many covers all athletics disciplines develop their skills to adjust
of Bromley s primary schools. running, jumping and throwing to the arena of mainstream
Set up some seven years in various forms. As with athletics. As one mother
ago by three of Blackheath Mini Bees the children still do observes, they get proper
& Bromley Harriers AC s everything and by years 6 and guidance from the coaches...
experienced coaches who were 7 they are still encouraged to you can tell that they know
passionate about delivering continue with the multi event their stuff... rather than you
professional athletics coaching approach. However they now thinking well my child likes this
and related services to the wider receive where appropriate in particular they say But they
community, the Bees Academy coaching in some track & field could be better than that ...
is designed specifically for events to make their transition Under the supervision of senior
children in school years into Under 13 athletics more coaches, coaching sessions
Reception to 8 to encourage seamless. It s a fun place says are delivered by a mixture of
healthy lifestyles, promote one parent but they also push experienced coaches and a
active athleticism in sport and the kids to achieve with all the team of talented young athletes,
develop their athletic potential little competitions they have most of whom have or are
to the full. during the holidays... still competing at national
The fun based program on Coaching sessions are held level. These young athletes are
offer includes three different each Monday and Wednesday aiming to pursue careers in
schemes, one of which Mini from 6.00pm to 7.00pm and sports coaching, sports science
Bees (Reception – year 2) has also on Saturday mornings so this is helping them says
proved to be very popular as it from 9.00am to 10.00am at a senior coach if it gives them
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