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4th spot with a total time Jennie Butler (16:32) in a total help with trail laying,
of 55.19. Ben running the time of 67.43 together with timekeeping, marshalling
fastest time of the day for an impressive 3rd place from and other chores that take
B&B, followed by under 17 the U17 ladies team of Niamh up much of the afternoon
youngster Will Fuller in 13.28 Bridson-Hubbard (16:20 ) and I d like to thank them
and another new young club Leah Everson (17:33) Abigail all for their contribution in
member Calvin Fuss in 14.11, Kingston (18:39) and fastest making this race successful
impressive runs that should be B&B lady Amber Reed (16:18) again in 2013 and enabling
noted by the team managers!!! in 68.50. a significant contribution to
The fastest run of the day was In the Handicap race Gareth be made to club funds. Many
by Tonbridge s Steve Fennell Evans continued his good thanks also to Nick Gasson
in 12.46, just 3 seconds summer form and surprised at SoClean for sponsoring the
outside GB International Mike the handicapper by running race and contributing to the
significant cost of prizes and
Skinners 2011 time of 12:43. an impressive 14.36 to beat number printing. Anybody
In the senior ladies race 2nd placed Will Fuller by just willing to donate or sponsor
Tonbridge again took top two seconds with the ever an electronic timing kit
spot in a time of 61.50 but popular Carolyna Haley (nee for future races would be a
were denied domination by Jones Baldock) returning to hero in the timekeepers and
our 2nd placed Ladies A form just a further 2 seconds recorders eyes, 6 relays are not
team of Carole Pennlington behind to take 3rd place. easy to manage and our start/
(16:33) Fran Green (17:01) The 5 junior races and 2 finish team do a fantastic job.
Jane Bradshaw (17:37) and senior races require a lot of Until next year, keep on
running boys and girls, no
Adrian Stocks
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