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something more interesting wonderful . So the objective is Even if they don t reach such
than stacking shelves in one of producing well rounded levels of competition Bees
Sainsbury s and fulfilled individuals. Academy children are still, in
Leading this coaching network To another mother this is the opinion of one father, doing
are Mick Jones, Paul Patten and self evident even outside the better than their peers. Our
John Blackie, a director of the athletics world. Her daughter kids he says tend to be picked
Academy, who after receiving is “more confident as a child for school athletics because
regional coaching awards in class now, puts her hand up they come here, they ve got
was also awarded England more... . the experience and the basic
Athletics Development Coach The Bees Academy has techniques to all the disciplines
of the Year and Aviva UK developed excellent and, they’re a lot fitter”.
Development Coach of the relationships with many of The majority of Bees Academy
Year. John has been coaching Bromley s primary schools members do progress into
for over 15 years and has following the introduction Blackheath & Bromley Harriers
had tremendous success in of Outreach Clubs. Children AC. However it must be
developing the athletic talents are able to experience the understood that even so they
of hundreds of young people. Bees Academy on their school are not obliged to do this but
He is forthright about the premises using school facilities can join any athletics club of
effects and benefits the at times that suit teachers and their choice such as Herne
Academy can offer for the parents. Bees coaches deliver Hill Harriers,and Cambridge
children such as all-round similar sessions to those at Harriers. Nor is it true that the
athleticism. This generates Norman Park either before, Academy is a sub-body within
better health levels which in during or after school. Blackheaths organization but
turn result in improved motor So it s not just the children an independent institution
skills and coordination, Some who benefit but also parents admittedly with strong links
children regarded as disabled and friends. Parents want to to it. Even so the strong ties
he adds are able to participate be with their children and between club and Academy
in the activities and such will by getting involved find indicate both work together to
involvement has helped them opportunities as coaches and support programs that are of
in their own development, managers for the clubs track benefit to the wider community
overcoming minor disabilities and field teams. “It is”, remarks as a whole. Recently at a
Other benefits include such Blackie a fertile ground for school s athletics competition
qualities as improved attention such recruitment in these roles . Bees Academy children
span, increased confidence Former Bees Academy members featured prominently amongst
and respect for others. Other have gone on to become very the medal winners, evidence
children regarded as tentative prominent athletes in Track says Paul Patten that the
and withdrawn have due to & Field and indeed Cross academy works .
interaction with others been Country and Road Running. For further information please
able to overcome their shyness Recent examples include Dina visit the Bees Academy website:
and become more involved Asher-Smith, Rachel Dickens, or
in the groups. John Blackie Cheriece and Shannon Hylton contact either:
observes if I hear them to name but a few! These John Blackie – 07768 120519
shouting and cheering... that s athletes have won medals at or Mick Jones – 07973 114404
great... if they re encouraging county, national, international
their fellow Bee s that s and even world level! Wilf Orton
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