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Athletics Report                   19

Ethan Kitteridge had            Barnaby Corry, in his first     winning the discus with a
another busy day starting       year was another busy athlete   great 24.35, putting the shot
with a personal best in the     starting his day early with a   7.57 and launching the javelin
75m hurdles ( could be the      good run over the hurdles       15.07. Michael is a great new
coaching!). A timetable clash   followed by a PB in the 200m    addition to the team. Harry
again gave Ethan the difficult  and a big 5m improvement        Cowie also had a great day in
job of doing both the 800m      in the javelin. Thomas          the field, despite having his
and high jump at the same       Penlington was also making      biggest discus throw ruled
time but with the 800m          his track debut for the club    illegal as it landed just outside
completed, just out side his    and was also involved in the    the sector. However, Harry
best, it was straight over to   800m running a very good        still won the B string with
the high jump (after a fast     2:35.54 in his first ever club  20.96, threw 7.87 in the shot
number change). A couple of     track race.                     and 22.16 in the Javelin. It
clearances later but a slight   With a great number of U13      was good to see Harry and
disappointment for Ethan        boys competing for the club     Michael practising their long
just below his best. It might   we were able to field a second  and triple jumps in between
be good one day for Ethan to    4 x 100m relay team, so it was  their throws ready for other
high jump on a fresh pair of    great experience for Ethan,     competitions to come! Sean
legs and with a steady pulse!   Barnaby, Jake and Thomas as     Lancaster was just short of
Jake Leng made his debut        they safely and skilfully got   his best in the discus and shot
on the track despite            the baton around the track in   but still had a good series of
taking most of the skin         a very respectable time.        throws in the discus 17.73
off his knee and elbow in                                       and shot 4.72.
training on Thursday when       Kent YA League                  Jacob Byfield began his busy
a hurdle got in his way!        Norman Park – 14th June         day with a new personal best
Jake’s only concern as he       Norman Park was packed          in the hurdles knocking half
hobbled his way over to the     with athletes, officials and    a second off his time. Jacob
compassionate Ken Daniel        spectators as Blackheath and    then threw himself over 4m
(our first aider, amongst       Bromley HAC hosted the          in the long jump and 1.25m
other things) was that he       third fixture in this season    in the air over the high jump
would still be able to hurdle   Kent young athletes league.     bar for another great PB.
at the weekend. So lining       Many great performances         His last effort of the day was
up on the start, with fresh     ensured BB finished on top      part of the winning 4 x 100m
scabs aplenty, it was great to  winning three of the four age   relay team.
see Jake finish safely and in   groups contested by U13 and
a very good time. Jake also     U15 boys and girls. The U13
ran a very competitive 800m     boys dominated in many areas
finishing with speed down       getting clean sweeps in the
the home straight in 2:36.18.   discus, 1500m, and 200m and
                                achieving loads of personal
                                best throughout the day.
                                Michael Burfoot, on only
                                his second appearance for
                                the club had a great day
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