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26                                                                  Athletics Report


YDL final                         Angus wins the YDL 1500m final    and to commiserate when
This was the pinnacle of the      the threat that they might        things didn’t go as well as
season with so many of the        have to cancel the hammer. A      they had hoped. To you all,
boys showing how much they        number of protestations from      a huge thank you – I am
had improved throughout           all clubs saying that all of the  looking forward to working
the year. The day was a roller    athletes had earned the right     with you again this season!
coaster of emotions for me –      to compete resulted in the        Thank you!
the team as a whole worked so     right decision being made and     A massive thank you to
hard for each other and there     the timetable being adjusted to   everyone who contributed to
were so many performances         allow this.                       making the season happen.
to be proud of so finishing       Let’s try and go one better       I don’t think we thank the
second to Edinburgh left          this year!                        coaches enough for giving up
me feeling I had let the boys                                       their time to help develop the
down. Had I made the right        Feels like team spirit            athletes in the way they do –
calls at the right time!          I think I have left the best      without their dedication and
However, after a few              and most important takeaway       commitment we would not
moments of wallowing in           for me of the season to           have the fine sport and club
self-pity I could see that they   the end. I was genuinely          we have.
had all given everything they     overwhelmed at the way the        Also, a thank you to all of
had and was immensely proud       whole team came together to       the officials who run the
of our achievements.              support, help, coach, cajole      open meetings and leagues –
                                  and mentor each other over        without this group we would
Told you they wouldn’t catch us!  the course of the year.           not have the sport we all love.
The match itself had a number     We have a number of hugely        Parents, thank you for
of highlights but I will always   talented athletes who have        bringing your sons down on a
remember the ‘champagne’          come together as an amazing       regular basis, for encouraging
moment where Angus gave           group of boys/young men           them and for being used at
Zak from Southampton a            who were a pleasure to work       times like a taxi service. Your
masterclass in 1,500m running,    with. I was told a number of      commitment to their sport
showing what a class athlete      times that it must be hard to     has helped make them the
he is, Henry-James dominating     manage a track team – not         fine athletes they are.
the 800m and a fantastic 4 x      with this group it wasn’t.        Last but not least (and
300m relay (and club record) at   They all showed maturity          repeating myself here), a huge
the end of the event.             beyond their years and could      thank you to all of the athletes
I was equally pleased that the    always be relied on to be in      – you should be proud of all
league allowed the hammer to      the right place at the right      you have achieved!
go ahead after the normal cage    time. They were there for
sank into the ground leaving      each other to share success                            Nick Swatton

                                                                    Feels like team spirit
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