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relaxed, laid back manor did     roped off area chased by         building obviously worked
cause some of his “travellers”   this very large police man       as in 1994 and 1995 we won
concern when they still had      who wanted to arrest him.        the National cross country
not received their tickets       Fortunately, he did not.         team race and in 1995 won
and travel details a few days    Apparently not having            the National 12 stage road
before they were due to travel.  enough to do Graham took         relay in what I think is the
I don’t know of anyone who       over as Winter Captain in the    9th = fastest time ever and
was let down and as a regular    early 1990’s and built a senior  the 2nd fastest since 1988.
“traveller” you got used to      men’s endurance team that        Ian remains convinced that
this approach. Ian and Nick      was the most successful in the   all this could not have been
often used to reassure others    B&B history, so far at least.    achieve without Graham’s
that “it would be alright on     We had some very strong          foresight and enthusiasm.
the night” and that they could   runners and Graham thought       As you can imagine this was
be assured that they would       that a “team building” event     a very special period for the
enjoy the tour!                  would be helpful. So, in         endurance runners of the
                                 November 1991 he entered 2       Club and was achieved by
One image Ian still has in his   teams in the High Peaks Relay    Graham making use of his
mind is Graham being man-        in Derbyshire. The idea being    qualities of understanding
handled by an equally tall but   that the teams and supporters    and determination together
much heavier Boston police       would assemble in a nearby       with his ability to develop
man at the 1992 World Cross      hotel on Saturday for a social   camaraderie amongst a group
Country Championships. Just      gathering ready for the race     of people. Great times which I
before the finish there was a    on Sunday morning. Graham        for one am glad I was part of.
very large area roped off to     seemed to be unaware of the      For us these qualities in him
ensure a clear view by the TV    amount of strategic planning     of camaraderie, understanding
cameras. The U20 women’s         that the event required. The     and determination serve as
race was finishing and Paula     course was out and back          an inspiration. At 6ft 6in,
Radcliffe was leading going      along the High Peaks Way,        Graham was of commanding
into this area. Graham was       4 legs each way and a total      stature, if you stood up
enthusiastically shouting at     of some 35 miles. Change         straight you might have been
Paula and ran across this        overs being where roads cross    able to look Graham in the
                                 the course. The strategic        eye, but he would have had to
                                 planning was required to         be sitting down.
                                 drop runners off for the start   In offering our condolences
                                 of their leg and collect them    to his family, his dear mother
                                 at the finish. I know of at      Nesta, sister Sue and brother
                                 least one runner in the B team   Robin, the Tall Man remains
                                 who had to run back over his     in our hearts forever and we
                                 5-mile leg to collect his car    remember him with joy, with
                                 as no transport was available    affection and with love.
                                 at the finish! Still the A team
                                 won in a course record and             Nick Brooks, Chris Haines,
                                 set many individual stage                                Ian Wilson
                                 records on the way. This team
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