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8               Athletics Report                                Athletics Report
        Continued               Vets and Masters

                                Summer 2016

                                It was a year of highs and lows.   was difficult to get the younger
                                The women’s team, using 15   men to attend. This meant
                                athletes, came 2nd in the league   that much of the time over 50s
                                after 6 events and made the   and over 60s were attempting
                                final yet again. Unfortunately,   to win points in the vet 35
                                on the day, only 6 of the team   age group. This they did with
                                managed to attend. However   all their might but they were
                                they covered nearly every   very weak at 2 of the meetings
        Keene, Imogen Levy, Sarah   event (over 40 in total) and   and were unable to recover,
        McLellan, Beckie McLinden,   did not finish last team. It was   resulting in the men’s team
        Debbie Martin, Chioma   a truly fantastic achievement!   being relegated to division
        Matthews, Jackie Montgomery,
        Christina Moore, Divine   Clare Elms covered 10 events,   2. They have the ability to
        Oladipo, Viv Olatunji, Amber   including walk and javelin,   compete well and we’re sure
        Reed, Jamiyla Robinson-Pascal,   Helen Godsell and Maz Turner   the 2017 season will prove it.
        Grace Sheppard, Modupe   8 events, Jackie Montgomery   The atmosphere and
        Shokunbi, Maite Vanucci and   6, Maureen Miller 5 and   competition is superb at these
        Sonia Woolhouse.        Barbara Terry, over 70, covered   meetings so if anyone aged
                                4 throwing events including   35 years plus has not tried it
                       Tim Soutar  over 50 Hammer and over 35   before give it a go. You may
                                                        be a great hammer thrower or
                                Sadly the men’s team did not   sprinter!!
                                fare so well despite fielding 24
                                athletes during the season. It   Maz and John Turner

                                (l-r) Maureen Miller, Helen Godsell, Barbara Terry, Maz Turner, Clare Elms and
                                Jackie Montgomery.
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