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        and, remarkably, they show that
        we’ve climbed to 2nd. (No-one
        can recall playing our ‘get-out-
        of-jail-free card’, but it clearly
        worked.) It’s not ’til the next
        day that we’re informed there
        has been an adjustment and
        we have actually finished level
        on points with Woodford. For
        some reason, they are still held
        to have won the match and,
        despite much correspondence,
        it is not until half-an-hour
        before the final match that it is
        acknowledged that we finished
        1st equal and a share of the
        points. (And during the interim,
        as a result of the unfounded
        disqualification, we had been
        relegated to 4th place - you
        really couldn’t make this up!)
                                a steeplechaser and, as a result   gets us off to a much stronger
        Lee Valley              of European selection and the   start, with Divine, on her
        3rd July 2016           need to rest niggles in advance   debut at the event, providing
        This is the nearest we get to   of the following week’s English   Shaunagh with solid support. It
        a home match and we have   Schools, we have no sprint   proves merely to be a warm up
        a slightly stronger team as a   hurdlers. We do, however, have   for the shot and discus where
        result – that fine wine again.   a brace of long hurdlers – Becky   our dynamic duo once again
        Our barrier phobia continues:   and Sarah (returning after some   ensure maximum points in both
        despite an extensive search,   time away from the sport!) - and   events. We’re not quite as strong
        no-one from the Club’s distance   they get us off to a sunny start.  in the javelin, but another
        sorority is prepared to become   In the field, the hammer also   debutante, Maite, ensures we
                                                        come away with solid points.
                                                        It’s a bit tougher in the jumps,
                                                        though Chioma and Zara
                                                        continue our dominance in the
                                                        triple jump.
                                                        Back on the track, the
                                                        sprinters, Maya, Viv and
                                                        Rachel, are putting in some
                                                        solid performances. We’re
                                                        struggling a bit in the 400s,
                                                        but Sonia and Sarah, fresh
                                                        (?) from her hurdles, agree to
                                                        fill in and salvage some good
                                                        points. Highlight of the middle
                                                        distances is a new Club M50
                                                        record for Clare, ably supported
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