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Athletics Report  7

        by a rare appearance from Kate,   in too many events and we   do us no harm at all. Despite
        with Niamh also impressing   may well need that cushion.   turning her foot coming out of
        over 1500m in her warm up   Most of us travel the afternoon   the blocks, Maya places well in
        for her final English Schools.   before and are treated that   the 200 with Issie producing a
        With Kelly also running well   evening by Chris Hilditch to   fine 2nd in the B. The sprint
        in the 1500 and Jess and Leah   an all-you-can-eat buffet. The   relay team, minus Maya,
        maintaining the momentum in   Team Manager tries to dispel   finishes out of the medals,
        the 800s, it’s the steeplechase   thoughts that he may be playing   but Amber ensures we’re
        no-show, that has us heading   the condemned man!  represented in the steeplechase
        into the relays with work still   And so to Sports City and   and the 4x400 squad, anchored
        to do.                  a positive start to the day.   by Niamh, claim 3rd to ensure
        The 4x100m doesn’t let us   Not only do we have a full   we finish on a positive note.
        down, with Maya, Rachel,   complement of hurdlers – and   Rapid calculations suggest we’re
        Modupe and Viv leaving the   Becky and Sarah get us off   probably safe for promotion
        other teams trailing in their   to another excellent start –   but may not go up as Division
        wake. The meeting is then   but we might even have the   Champions as we finish behind
        brought to a successful close   steeplechase covered. We also   Woodford. But Cardiff do us
        by the 4x400 team, who secure   have our former UK record   a favour by pipping Woodford
        a fine 3rd place, thanks, in no   holder with us and Montell   and 3rd place is indeed good
        small part to an impressive   doesn’t let us down, cruising   enough to win the League. Our
        debut by Maya, which is good   to victory in the 100m, ably   major goal has been achieved,
        enough to ensure we return   supported by Modupe. With   but we still need to work on
        home as match winners.  a solid run from Kelly in the   fielding stronger teams if
                                800 and help from Amber in   we’re to do well back in the
                                the B string, the opening track   Premiership. However, that’s
                                events are going well, a trend   for next year. For now, we
                                which continues, through   deserve to savour the moment.
                                Issie and Annie, in the sprint   Thanks to all concerned,
                                hurdles and Niamh and Clare in   including our dedicated band
                                the 3000m. The same cannot,   of officials and travelling
                                sadly, be said of the field. We’re   supporters and Grace for
                                missing our Captain and both   her healing hands. Thanks
                                our international triple jumpers.   also to John Hubbard for his
                                Divine produces another shot   work in ensuring travel and
                                and discus double and Annie   accommodation worked as
                                and Anna pick up good 3rd   smoothly as they might. And
                                places in the TJ and discus,   thanks to the squad, who
                                respectively, but most of the   did the hard work: Yimika
        Manchester              other events are make do and   Adewakun, Zara Asante,
        7th August 2016         mend. Grace even abandons   Anna Barnett, Niamh Bridson
                                her physio’s couch in order to   Hubbard, Shaunagh Brown,
        We head North for the last   ensure we have a B string high   Maya Bruney, Kate Curran,
        match sitting atop the League   jumper.         Kerri Davidson, Annie Davies,
        knowing that a top 3 finish will   Fortunately, the track continues   Rachel Dickens, Montell
        get the job done. Injuries and   to deliver: we do much better   Douglas, Clare Elms, Leah
        holidays have conspired against   this match in the 400s and a   Everson, Caroline Ford, Krystal
        us: despite unstinting efforts,   2nd from Kelly and B string   Galley, Kelly Grant, Isabella
        we’re still under-represented   win from Niamh in the 1500s   Hilditch, Ellie Jamieson, Jess
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