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        the 1930s about amateurism   George Brooks, features quite   the Bromley and District
        and professionalism and also   prominently as does another   Hospital was emptied and
        the use of psychologists. BH   PP, Don Gillate.  it contained £1.1/11d. The
        was considered to be one of   The Club had moved to Hayes   recipe for Punch for Punch
        the Clubs that had money   in 1927 from the Swan at West   Bowl evening is in the
        and could fund development   Wickham. The Club address   March 1933 edition. In 1932,
        of Athletics by a more   was originally Station Road,   congratulations were given to
        professional approach and the   Hayes, then Station Road,   someone who escaped danger
        establishment of Centres of   Hayes, Bromley. Then Station   on the water. W W Davis was
        Excellence.             Road was changed to Bourne   on board a pleasure steamer
                                                        off Weymouth when it was
        The South London Harriers   Way and finally number 56 was   rammed by a submarine! A
        HQ was bought and opened   given to the Club. Incendaries   Rugby match against Park
        in the 1930s and there is   landed in the Club Car Park   House and Cricket against
        mention of a visit to Hayes   during the 2nd World War.   Addington. Encouragement
        by Gordon’s Mum, Mrs Pirie.   Outside the Swan used to   from a young spectator:
        Two of the mob matches from   be a large tree. It was called   “Daddy, they’re just starting
        that era against SLH had fields   the ‘Old Stocks Tree’ and   the low jump”. A Reference
        of 208 and 225. There were   had been there for over 100   in a 1939 issue mentions
        many passionate entreaties in   years. The Village Stocks were   a “horrible blot on the
        the Gazette for people to turn   beneath it. Sadly, it was cut   landscape, the new Addington
        out for mob matches and a   down in the 1930s so that road   Building Estate” which
        note to members informing   improvements could be made.   was described as a “most
        them that it was “their duty”   Hard to visualize this at such a   distressing sight”.
        to support the Club at The   busy junction in 2017!
        National Cross Country   Other odds and ends include       Mike Martineau
        Championships. Past President   The collection box for

        A club photo from the 1930s
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