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        Gordon Hickey 1932-2016

                                As there were many other   didn't seem to get bombed was
                                sources of information about   his hotel. Therefore despite
                                Gordon Hickey which are yet   being one of the top jumpers
                                to be tapped the following   in the country he never gained
                                is a brief resume of his   an International vest. The
                                achievements . A full obituary   only times he competed
                                will appear in the next gazette.  abroad were with the Club
                                Gordon Hickey will always be   on tours to Switzerland and
                                remembered as the veteran   Northern Italy.
                                shot putter who dominated   Hickey had always put the shot
                                his event over many years, at   in Club matches but in his 40’s,
                                different levels apart though   as his spring deserted him, he
                                from international, gaining a   began to take the event more
                                host of titles including British   seriously. “I cleared 1.81 as an
                                Record holder for the M70’s   over 40, 1.75 as an over 45 and
                                shot, and setting plenty of   1.70 as an over 50 but then my
                                records in the process.   hips just went”
                                He won his first National Shot   What he enjoyed was the wide
                                Put title when he was an over   variety of throws competition
                                50 and has set British Records   available. He has set a
                                in all age groups up from   British record for the throws
                                there. Since turning 40 it’s   decathlon and was a dab hand
                                something like “10 high jump   at the Greek discus which
                                titles and 14 for the shot.”   is basically doing a standing
                                Before his 40th birthday   throw with an overweight
                                however he was better   implement. “If I do a spin
                                known as an accomplished   in the Southern League with
                                high jumper. The Highlight   the 2kg” he remarked “it goes
                                of this career was winning   about 25.10. When I do the
                                the Southern title. He   standing throw it goes about
                                constantly cleared 6 feet 2   25.00 which shows how good
                                inches, although perhaps it   my turn is!”
                                was unfortunate that work   Even to the end he was
                                commitments prevented   bluntly philosophical about
                                him from going higher or   his achievements. “ It’s not
                                training specifically for the   a case of how good you are
                                event, partly due to his job   it’s more a matter of whether
                                as a film and tape editor   you are still alive. You may be
                                with ITN. Nightshifts every   the most talented athlete in
                                other weekend and travel   the world but it’s no good if
                                could intrude. He recalled an   you’re pushing up daisies”
                                assignment in Belfast in 1970
                                where the only thing that          Mike Martineau
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