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        in August 1886 and led the   buy three different brands of   Indoor Athletics surprisingly
        Club Cry after Sidney had   cigarettes at the Club. Annual   featured in the 1930s and there
        broken the record with the   Dinners were held at the   is a record of the AAA Indoor
        words: “Gentlemen, this is an   Waldorf Hotel and in 1929 a   Championships in 1936. And
        occasion…” Tom was founder   Diamond Jubilee Dinner was   Veteran Athletics also gets
        of Kent County AAA and its   held there. Marriages and   a mention. A newspaper in
        first President, was also VP   births were announced in   India had a photo of a 70 year
        of Surrey Walking Club and   the Gazette, the bride’s first   old Marathon runner from
        kept the Club going during the   name was always   Blackheath Harriers.
        First World War         given but never the
        The Walter Cups (presumably   groom’s. Usually
        after Walter George) get a   some humour
        few mentions. Wonder where   was included at

                                                            The Swan, in West Wickham,
                                                            hiding behind the Old Stocks
                                                            Tree (above).
                                                            The clubhouse buildings were
                                                            derelict when discovered by the
                                                            President as a potential HQ

        they are today. Another   the expense of the Club   In 1934 ‘Pole Jumping’ is
        distinguished member was the   member, ie the groom (we   referred to. League Athletics
        Earl of Dartmouth who was   were all male then!).  had started and we needed
        one of the oldest members.   The AGM in 1933 was   competitors for all events.
        He played Cricket for Eton   attended by just 40 members.   This event’s inclusion was
        and was President of the   The editor was obviously   considered most unfair but it
        MCC.                    disgusted and pointed out   was hoped that the BH spirit
        There was also a meeting   quite forcefully that the Club   would prevail and that there
        on Coronation Day in 1937   had 753 members. Nothing   would be plenty of volunteers
        and a moving poem was   seems to have changed much   to take part in this novelty and
        written on the death of the   in 80 years although at recent   somewhat precarious event.
        King in the previous year.   AGMs with the all pervading
        Regular requests are made   issue of the club’s intended   There was also concern in
        for ‘artistes’ to perform at   move to Norman Park the   the 1930s that taking part
        ‘smoking concerts’, and,   attendance has exceeded 50   in Athletics would shorten
        would you believe, you could   members!         your life! Much discussion in
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