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A club well worth backing From the Editor
Thanks to our sponsors: Summertime and the living is easier... well
Biggin Hill Airport its a somewhat happier time for some of
Jack Petchey Foundation us than was the case earlier this year. This
So Clean current issue of the Gazette is perhaps the
UK Athletics most satisfying one to have been completed
and to many other generous so far considering the mishaps that the team
individuals who offered backing have encountered. Pete, Oz and I have all
and assistance. had concerns and matters which, combined
together with a shortage of material to draw on and the search
for a new printer have made this issue somewhat more diffcult
to produce than others... but here it is now.
After the arrival of Adam Gemili last year, 2013 has seen the
Interview emergence of Dina Asher-Smith and I hope readers of this
1 Robert Cliff magazine will in future cherish this issue when she is a national
treasure saying I knew of her and saw her in action before she
Profle of a President was really famous. She is our latest star but as well as her,
5 Your new Vice Presidents the club has so much talent and this will be greatly in evidence
this summer whilst she and Adam go from strength to strength.
Athletics Reports However we do have new challenges to face as the club
6 Senior Men considers its future. Can we face those challenges whilst retaining
10 Senior Women the clubs existing fabric and continue to respect its traditions?
12 Junior Athletics Read the article on the club badge. It might seem like a symbol
13 Junior Girls of tradition and Masonic obscurity but its history reveals the true
essence of the club spirit, its values and character. Read on to
16 British Masters Road Relays see how Norman Park and its management are keeping up its
17 Indoor Track Season standards in the face of competition to take it over and what is
proposed for the future development of the club house.
Features After the euphoria of Olympic year 2013 seems so far to be
20 The meaning and origin of a time of graft and struggle in which some predict the slow
the Club Badge decline of club institutions. But no, there is life to come and
22 The Norman Park Track hopefully a bright new chapter in the story of Blackheath and
Bromley is about to be written. Happy reading.
Club News Before signing off I wish to offer grateful thanks to the following
25 The Clubhouse for willingly providing articles in this issue.
further development update
Richard Hall, Jane Bradshaw, PP Anne Cilia, Andy Frankish VP,
Jake Potter, Jess Keane, PP Pat Clanan, Deniz Mehmed VP,
26 Obituaries Paul Austridge VP, John Lissaman VP, PP Pete Baigant, PP Ken
Daniel, PP John Baldwin, Pres Bob Cliff, Hanna Cordell VP and
Colin Poole VP and Richard Granieri who generously donated IT
equipment to assist me in producing this issue.
The next Gazette should appear around mid December so
please send in copy by Mid November.
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