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Interview 1
Robert Cliff

Profle of a President

The clue to the identity going on ski-ing trips in the
of the new president is winter although I wasn t and
sometimes in his connection am still not a proficient skier.
with the last one. What was I went back to India in 1975
your connection with Steve on my way to a trek to Mount
Hollingdale? Everest when everything
I often met Steve at cross seemed very familiar as the
country events, in my role as sights, sounds and smells
Chief Trail Layer when he brought back my childhood
helped out with trail laying and memories.
recording and more recently
in my role as Winter Athletics Were you educated in
No announcement of the I remember going to school
identity of a new club What were your earliest with a lot of kids in one class
president is predictable. Just memories? of all ages between 3 and 15.
when you think that youve They were of my time in I don t remember what I
guessed who the next one is, Pakistan in the 1950s. We lived learnt. It was a very informal
the outgoing incumbent creates in a hotel which was really a and forgettable education.
a big surprise by selecting series of villas in a compound
someone who is, well, not purely for army officers and When did your education
immediately everyones guess really start?
for president, but in fact I went twice to Eltham C of E
appears to be eminently well school; I was initially there for
qualified and recognisable in 9 months, then moved to
club circles, and someone who Ashford in Kent for about a
has proved their credentials year during most of which I
for the post. Such was the was unwell and didn t attend
choice of outgoing president school. We finally moved back
Steve Hollingdale when he to Eltham when I was in year 6
announced his successor at the so I had a disrupted education
Annual General Meeting on until I was 10 years old.
March 23rd. Describing his
background and experience Then you went to Askes.
he slowly revealed the identity Club 5 mile 1982 In what way did your move
of his successor and with due to Askes really inspire you?
ceremony he introduced as the Once I got to a grammar
new president for this year their families in Rawlpindi, school I found the subjects
Bob Cliff. Islamabad. It was a bit like the taught were more interesting.
last days of the Raj. Science became my real love
I interviewed him recently at
the club house and this is what I have a jumble of different and I pursued it as a hobby,
he had to say about himself, memories but I remember playing around with chemistry
his presidency and the future going on excursions to the sets. I created a laboratory in
of the club. Himalayas in the summer the garage at home blowing
when it was too hot, and things up and making smells.
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