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injury. Rowing was readily developments during my
available and as it used the career. The Post Office
endurance and strength you became British Telecom and
gain from running it was an then BT when it was privatised
ideal alternative. I rowed for in 1984. The benefits of this
the college first boat in the were that you could acquire
bumps which was the annual plenty of cheap shares but
inter college rowing race held the big penalty was that
over four days in the spring the company became more
and the summer. It requires commercial and it no longer
a reasonable standard of offered a job for life.
rowing, but a long way from
that needed to row for the What motivated the shift
university team in the boat to teaching?
When I left BT I worked
50 x 1 mile relay, Crystal Palace race. for 10 years as a technology
1977 Describe your career in consultant, advising companies
BT. What motivated you to on strategy, technology
At Askes you came into choose it and how did you options and costs. With the
contact with Chris Haines. progress in it? burst of the dot com bubble
Did he have a method of After the expense of my the industry imploded and
training? sister, my dad didn t want to the work became scarce and
Chris Haines joined Askes as pay for another child to go less agreeable. I found that I
a maths teacher when I was through university and applied was being engaged in running
in my lower sixth year. Id for industrial scholarships on companies down rather than
been running for the school my behalf. The Post Office building them up!
for many years but without Telecoms offered me a
any training. You just turned scholarship in 1969 so from At age 55 I wanted to try
up and ran. Chris Haines my parents point of view I something completely
introduced the idea of training was therefore taken care of!
to a group of us, taking us I got everything paid for and
out during the lunch break for had a small salary thrown in
20 minutes or so. The effect as well. I was going to study
was dramatic as we won the engineering anyway, so it
London Grammar Schools was lucky that Post Office,
cross country that year. now called BT offered me a
At what level did you scholarship.
compete at in rowing in What was your specialism
Cambridge? in BT?
When I went up to Cambridge My specialism was
I joined the University management of network
running club and started engineering functions
training with them but I ended and technical staff. There Southern Road Relay, Wimbledon
up with a persistent knee were many changes and 1979
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