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The meaning and origin of the Club Badge

fan of Italian Renaissance art a street, but the best example
has identified two likenesses was found in Agadir in Tunisia
of the star symbol. One from where the star formed a
a panel in the Orsanmichele geometric pattern carved into
church in Florence is a a pillar. On seeing an example
simple eight pointed star on of the star on a church window
a dark brown background, in Sicily VP John Lissaman
which conceals the churchs has remarked that Whatever
origins as a grain market in the significance of the symbol it is
the fourteenth century. The prevalent throughout the world.
other also in Florence is more
refined and can be found in Further examples have been
the Basilica of Santa Croce on seen in Oman and Dubai The much travelled Mike Peel,
a pavement in the nave. Set in with several stars forming an authority on the club crest
multi coloured marble, with a geometric patterns on surfaces. Well, alright the theological
relief figurehead from classical Could the badge then perhaps implications of an eight-
antiquity in the inside of the have Islamic origins. pointed star may be a far-
entwined squares, it is more Probably not, but there is fetched concept for what is
lavish than the first example also a strong spiritual element only a club badge and the club
because the church was built in in the badge in the midst isn t a religious organisation.
a more advanced stage of the of the clubs strictly secular But it can symbolise a new
Renaissance. purpose as a centre of athletic purpose for those striving
Further examples of the star endeavour. The eight-pointed for new directions and higher
come from other countries star is the Star of Redemption standards that bring about a
and cultures too according to or Regeneration and represents better quality of life. Where
much travelled PP Mike Peel. baptism. Eight is traditionally spiritual beliefs explore the
In Loule, on the Algarve in the number of regeneration, concept of rebirth the idea of
Southern Portugal he found and it is often mentioned in regeneration still has relevance
the sign displayed as a relief on both Old and New Testaments to the club which despite its
an old farmhouse just outside where much emphasis is traditions and quirks seeks to
the town. In Turkey it was placed on regeneration adapt and re-forge its identity
displayed on a panel amongst through the concept of in the face of changing
Roman remains left lying in salvation and re-birth. circumstances, an identity
which respects its traditions.
And the badge after all stands
for continuity and unity as
quoted in the now forgotten
club cry Hurrah for the
squares entwine-ed, the Badge
we all hold dear, While hearts
are thus inclin-ed, No clique
or split well fear.

Wilf Orton
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