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The Norman Park Track...

its past and future

council responded to the need the track, and as a modular
This article was originally for a local athletic stadium by centre to be used for lectures
written in 2011 for publication authorising the first track. The in the clubs extensive youth
in the Hayes Local at a time stadium was opened in that coaching programme.
when the future of Norman summer on the site of an old
Park Track was very much rubbish dump in Norman Park Then in 2010 there were
in discussion. Since then there and was at first just a 6-lane all further improvements with
have been further developments weather track with 8 lanes in the purchase of new field
which as mentioned here, are the home straight but as yet no equipment and a much needed
both promise and a challenge jumping and throwing facilities. additional javelin runway,
for the tracks future. However Alan Brent persuaded whilst the long/triple jump
and pole vault facilities now
Since its opening in 1980 the the council to add these and have run-ways at both ends.
Norman Park track stadium further improvements were These improvements were
has been an intrinsic part of later made to them. In 1985 spearheaded by track manager
our clubs summer activities. a new pavilion was built that Ken Daniel and drew much
However as many of you have replaced a simple garage type praise from the UK Athletics
heard, its future is not altogether shed which had been originally assessors Dave Holder and
certain with the council having paid for and donated by the Keith Bundock, who gave the
to find money to repair wear club and floodlights were club a class 1A UK grading
and tear in the track surface added for evening events. The and pronounced the track
within a couple of years. original synthetic track was superior to many in the
upgraded and resurfaced over country as a whole.
the years in order to bring it up
to UK Athletics standards. Norman Park Management
takes over
Constant improvements Norman Park is now very
As increased numbers of much a second home to
athletes used the track and our club but, despite its
with the increase in the strong associations with it,
number of leagues it became Blackheath does not have
Early days apparent that the number of exclusive use of the stadium
Norman Park has been our lanes should be increased. itself nor does it manage
summer base for training As a result of grants from the premises. So who does?
for over thirty years and its the London Marathon Trust, Originally, and for the first
home venue in track and field together with further support 13 years of its existence, it
from the council, the club, and
was owned and managed by
competitions throughout the Norman Park Management, Bromley Council but in 1992
summer months. In past years, two further lanes were the government launched its
the clubs athletes competed added in 2006. A new Youth CCT initiative of allowing
on the cinder tracks of Development Building was private bodies to take over the
Ladywell and Crystal Place and opened in 2008 again paid management of local authority
continued to do so up to the for by the club partly to act premises. The London
1970s but in 1980 Bromley as the clubs headquarters on Borough of Bromley therefore
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