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commenced negotiations
with the club with the view to
handing over the responsibility
of managing Norman Park
Stadium to it. Although a
feasible outline contract was
proposed, after consideration
by a special committee in the
club, it wasn t taken up on the
grounds of being unsuitable a
task for the club to take on.
Fear of liability for accidents Norman Park has remained a superior track stadium in comparison
was one reason for the with many in the country
rejection of the contract by improve their own facilities. that the track would continue,
the club. Since any possible But in order to do this its and that the council had
liability of the club to maintain future remains in some doubt no intention of closing it.
safety might have involved and for over a year now has Necessary refurbishments such
them in potentially ruinous been the focus of debate in as resurfacing the track and
claims which could fold-up Bromley Borough. Like all upgrading the changing rooms
the club it was necessary for local facilities Norman Park is would be carried out, as well
an alternative to be found. the subject of drastic cuts of as dealing with a problem of
However a like minded group subsidence. But whilst he said
of individuals who had up to £30 million which need that money could be found
to be made. This year Bromley
been involved in the clubs Council has stated that the for these it would be offset
negotiations now offered to new contract starting from against the running costs of
set up a separate company
which was independent of the 1st April 2014 would have to the track. Councillor Arthur
club. The new companys offer be put out to tender and an stated that resources should be
made available for purposeful
proved acceptable and after expression of interest from
contracts were agreed Norman other organisations has been activities for young people.
Park Management was formed received. Norman Park Track What the track has to offer
in May 1993, this being run by Management are bidding
directors who had in earlier for the new contract, but a Club members should be well
years been active athletes in decision will not be reached aware of many qualities that
the sport. until October. the track possesses amongst
A series of meetings were which are the following:
Tough Choices held earlier throughout the As well as competitions
A new contract borough under the title of many varied activities
Norman Park has remained Tough Choices. At each take place there including
a superior track stadium in meeting Councillor Peter specific developmental
comparison with many in the Morgan expressed the view activities for children in
country and a benchmark that Norman Park was a the age range of 5 to 13
for other clubs who wish to valued athletic facility, and years known as the Bees
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