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further development update

Since the last report on the Apart from the anticipated A meeting with a Bromley
proposals for a major difficulty of raising the total Leisure and Culture
development of the clubhouse budgeted cost estimated at representative and a councillor
we have had the original around £300k, other factors made it clear that the track
planning application rejected, have arisen that have made facility was to be run at no
the Executive Committee
cost to the Council and
but after reassuring one of our set up a small group to re- they would be going out
close neighbours that their visit the various alternative for competitive tendering,
concerns were unfounded, and possibilities for the future of with the current Norman
introducing some minor a club headquarters. These Park Track Management Ltd
changes to reduce these fears factors include the steady contract ending in March
even further, planning decline in the numbers 2014. During this meeting
approval was received towards using the clubhouse, both the possibility of moving
the end of April 2013. Whilst on Wednesday evenings and our headquarters to Norman
social functions, and the
this process was underway we news that Bromley Borough Park was again raised. The
B&B representatives made it
did have the significant were proposing changes to clear a move would only be
setback of having our grant the management and uses of considered if a long term lease
application to the London Norman Park as a whole to was guaranteed and that there
Marathon Trust rejected. form a sports hub, with the would be no obstacles with
emphasis on increased football planning permission. This has
use. yet to be tested. The current
situation is that we are aware
that the tendering process
to manage the track is in
progress and understand the
council had not received very
much interest in running the
proposed hub facility.
Until these issues have been
resolved it is difficult to
develop new ideas on future
plans for the clubhouse. If
a move from Bourne Way is
considered not to be in the
best interest of the Club, a
more modest improvement
to the existing clubhouse
may be an alternative. We will
continue to keep members up
to date with any outcomes.

John Baldwin
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