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   The Flagship team...
   the Senior Men Cross Country 2014/15

  Under new management the        SEAA 6 Stage                    (19.13), Will Fuller (19.18),
  club’s flagship team with its   Road Relays                     Will Ruiz (19.40) and Danny
  ever plentiful range of talent  The club qualified for the      Brewer (19.38) completed the
  took up from where it left off  National 6 stage with a 14th    performance.
  last winter and once again      place finish in the Southern    National Cross Country
  delivered some memorable        relays at Aldershot. Scott      Relays
  performances. New faces up      Overall ran the fastest time    We took a strong team to
  from the Junior Men such        of the day as he fine-tuned     Mansfield to compete in the
  as Will Fuller and Tom          his preparation for the Berlin  prestigious National Cross
  Desborough came in alongside    Marathon running a cracking     Country relays. We have
  seasoned performers such as     17.47 on leg 3 and moving the   previously medalled at this
  Peter Tucker, Alex Gibbins,     team up 20 positions to their   event and it continues to hold
  Andy Rayner and James           highest placing of the day      a special place in the winter
  Poole, all veterans of the      in 6th. Danny Brewer came       fixture list for the Senior Men.
  country but not yet Masters     home in 44th on leg 1; Alex     A late injury after Scott’s
  although there were many        Bruce-Littlewood moved          heroic Berlin Marathon meant
  performances of a masterly      the team up 24 places with      the team took a hit in the
  nature. Scott Overall, if not   18.25, and Ben Cockburn,        day’s preceding the event,
  ever present, was able to       Peter Tucker and former club    however we certainly did
  contribute in his own way.      member Sam Barnes brought       ourselves justice in finishing
                                  the team home to qualify        in 21st position. Strong runs
Will Bolton Relays                for the following month’s       form Phil Sesemann and Alex
It has been 10 years since the    National championships.         Bruce-Littlewood left us in
tragic loss of our friend and                                     6th position after 2 legs. Peter
club member Will Bolton           National 6 Stage                Tucker and Dan Kennedy
so it is always great to start    Road Relays                     brought the team home with
the winter season off in his      We matched last year’s          solid runs.
memory. The relays give us        performance at the Nationals
a great chance to see how         coming home in 32nd             Chris Tuck
athletes have summered and        position out of 80 completed
to blood some youngsters          teams. Our fastest runner
into the senior team.             from the Southern Scott
Our Men’s A-Team consisted        Overall, had just finished a
of two juniors, Will Fuller       fine 14th place at the Berlin
and Tom Desborough, and           Marathon running 2 hours 13
two stalwarts in Peter Tucker     so was unable to join forces
and Fintan Parkinson. Our         with the rest of the team.
team finished 5th overall         Alex Bruce-Littlewood was
and Will ran the fastest time     rounding into some good
for a Blackheath athlete and      form and came home in
7th quickest of the day. All      10th position on the highly
of these runners went on to       competitive opening stage
bigger and better things later    running 17.42. Alex Gibbins
in the season.                    (19.19), James Poole making
                                  a welcome return to the team
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