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Peter Tucker                     nasty looking injuries – and     and Gareth Evans ran a solid
wished they hadn’t upon          a delay treating them – led      race together coming home
seeing the mud bog laid out      to the race being reduced to     in 193 and 201 respectively.
in front of them! Alex Bruce-    10k in length. The race had a    Danny Brewer, Dan Kennedy,
Littlewood led the team          smaller turnout from us than     Richard Byford, Chris Tuck,
home in 4th place, followed      in previous years but this       Andy Lawes, Ian Taylor and
by Danny Brewer and Gareth       doesn’t take anything away       Nigel Bulmer also all got
Evans with some storming         from those who did run, all      round to finish! The team
runs both inside the top 40.     of whom deserve a mention        placed a respectable 17th in
Kev May, Fintan Parkinson        here. Danny Brewer ably          the 6 to score event.
and Jamie Darling all            led the team home in 20th
propped up inside the top 70.    place followed closely by Pete   National XC Champs,
Jon Vintner and Chris Tuck       Tucker and Gareth Evans in       Parliament Hill,
followed coming home in          22nd and 24th respectively.      24th February
108th and 127th respectively.    Kevin May, Fintan Parkinson      Ah the National XCs. As
When you consider there were     and Ritchie Leccia all came      one of the biggest and most
348 finishers, all the runners   inside the top 70 with Ian       anticipated races of the year,
for Blackheath here were         Taylor, Richard Byford and       the National Cross Country
easily in the upper echelons     Nigel Bulmer all completing      Championships, took place on
of the race, which was great!    the course as well. The team     Saturday 24th February and
This is another race we will     managed 5th in the six to        as usual, the course was not as
look to enter for next year.     score event, definitely more to  bad as it can be. Blackheath
                                 come next year.                  was well represented and as
Kent Champs, Hythe                                                usual we stomped up with 10
3rd January 2015                 Southern XC Champs,              starters. Alex Gibbons led the
The year started as it always    Brighton                         way in 247th, with Pete Tucker
does with the Kent Champs –      24th January                     not far behind in 295th.
a 12k slog around a ‘big field’  The bandwagon rolled             The stalwarts of the senior
in Hythe, or so we thought.      down to Brighton for the         men’s cross country team then
Conditions were absolutely       Southern XC Champs for           streamed in behind. Kevin
horrendous and a couple of       what Brewer called in our        May, who had a great season,
                                 after match summary ‘a beast     came through in 353rd, Dan
                                 of a course’ make up your        Kennedy in 528th, and Gareth
                                 own mind what that means!        Evans finished in 568th.
                                 This can only start with Alex    Tim Nash pulled it out of the
                                 Bruce-Littlewood who ran a       bag to represent on a number
                                 storming race to finish 4th in   of occasions throughout the
                                 a high quality field, beating    season, pulled through in
                                 easily athletes of the calibre   568th. Chris Tuck came in
                                 of John Gilbert from Kent.       837rd. Andy Lawes, Chris
                                 Congratulations Alex. Next       Pikett and Nigel Bulmer
                                 in for the Heath and inside      finished up in 1,487th, 1,714th
                                 the top 100 was club stalwart    and 1,851 respectively. A
                                 Alex Gibbins, the ‘old man’      good end to a great Cross
                                 doing very well coming           Country season.
                                 home in 86th. Kevin May
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