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Athletics Report                     11

Southern & National             of the race where we finished     then Richard Webb, Michael
12 stage Road Relays            a respectful 20th place to        Skinner, James Poole, Fintan
                                qualify for the final, phew!      Parkinson, Jonathan Vintner,
The Southern road relays                                          Dan Kennedy and Chris
was a dramatic performance      The final Winter Schedule         Tuck finished up in an overall
all around. Having struggled    drew to a close on with the       reasonable 31st. Not a bad
to field a team initially, all  National 12 Stage Relays at       performance overall.
the stops were pulled to get    Sutton park, Birmingham. In
together a team last minute!    very much the same vein, we       London Marathon
Run at the same venue as        struggled to field a significant
2015, Milton Keynes, it was     team to contend with the big      The London Marathon is not
quite a windy/rainy day. 12     boys owing to the proximity       a formal part of our Winter
stage relays are always the     of the London Marathon,           fixtures, but it affords such a
hardest events to pull a team   but needless to say we had        place in our running hearts,
together for, and yet again     some strong commitment and        it always deserve a mention.
2015 did not disappoint.        solid performances from the       Scott Overall finished in a
We had somewhat of a            stalwarts of the season.          solid 2:13:13 and finished in
ramshackle outfit, but with                                       13th place overall. Other great
a determined and solid          Alex Bruce-Littlewood             performances came from
commitment from all we          powered through a long            Fintan Parkinson 2:33:13,
managed to pull through.        leg with a solid 5th placing,     Ian Taylor 3:10:01, Gareth
                                getting us off to a cracker.      Griffin in 3:12:03, Peter
VP Tim Ayres, ferried up a      Phil Sesemann outperformed        Rogers 3:29:31, Adrian Stocks
bunch of our runners, who       even himself to come in 1st       3:32:00, Iain Swatton 3:32:33,
cracked on with the early       place, leaving the baton over     Chris Pike 3:45:36 and
legs. Having a sterling start,  to Danny Brewer, who despite      Richard Griffin 4:33:34.
we had a very fast leg from     his best efforts, finished up
Alex Bruce-Littlewood who       in 18th place. Steve Cooper,             Andy Rayner, Dan Brewer,
outperformed himself to         Peter Tucker held us in 18th,                             Jon Vintner
bring us in 4th, with Phil
Sesemann steaming us ahead      Club competitors at the London Marathon saluting the camera before
in 2nd with a cracking short    they are about to die!
leg time. Peter Tucker kept
us in contention in 9th, and
then Richard Webb held us
in at 8th. Tom Desborough
performed well in 17th, with
Will Fuller running a very
fast short leg bringing us in
at 17th. Jon Vintner, Will
Ruiz, Dan Kennedy, Georges
Vacharopoulos, James Poole
and Rob Yates kept us in
contention for the remainder
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