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Athletics Report                 17

scoring four (four athletes to  group along with Rowan and        in 25th. To prove what
score for the boys). To prove   Ethan who have one more           fantastic team spirit there is
Blackheath’s strength in        year, the future is looking       amongst our athletes it was
depth we had three bunched      bright.                           great to see Grace Scopes and
together with Ben Gardiner                                        her dad there supporting the
15th, young Thomas              The U15 girls continued           team.
Penlington, making his BB       the winning streak but the
debut in a fantastic 16th and   result was a lot closer, in fact  Nine U15 boys made the
Robert Suckling placing a       we were tied on points with       start line and their collective
great 17th. Leo Braden was      Tonbridge but as our third        efforts won them team
just behind in 19th followed    and final scorer finished         bronze medals. Angus
by Cameron Swatton in           before Tonbridge’s last scorer,   Harrington looked great
30th and Ethan Kitteridge,      we won! Yasmin Austridge          finishing 11th, Lewis Mills
also making his BB debut in     started off in determined         making his BBHAC debut
38th. Young Sam Reardon         mood and clawed back an           came storming through the
was having an impressive        extra place in the final 100m     field to cross the line in a
race but was hindered by a      finishing 4th. Great to see the   great 12th just 2 seconds
painful knee injury late on     black vests in large numbers      behind Angus. Henry Cowie
into the race. Such was Sam’s   as four girls crossed the line    had a difficult run in 18th,
determination to finish he      one after the other with          not surprising as he has been
continued, albeit hobbling,     Naomi Kingston in 6th, Kelsi      recently clocking some of the
through to the finish. A great  Cornish in 7th, Millie Smith      fastest indoor 800m times
team player. Impressively       in 8th and Genny Allen in         in the country. Obviously in
Thomas and Sam still have       9th. Amy Leach had another        pain he dug in and helped
two years left in the U13 age   strong run finishing in 22nd      the team to 3rd. The scoring
                                followed by Carlotta Wietzel      team was completed by a
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