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   The young athletes at the major
   Cross Country Championships 2015

  BBHAC young athletes             Kent County Cross              Jessica, Rosie, Morgan and
  started 2015 in fantastic        Country Championships          Niamh will all still be U13
  fashion at the Kent Cross        3rd January 2015               next year. It was also good to
  Country Championships with                                      see their team mate Isabelle
  very impressive set of results,  With the English Channel       Bridge supporting them
  winning four team trophies,      rolling in the back ground     especially as she is out with an
  one set of team silvers and two  the U13 girls got us off to a  injury at present.
  sets of team bronzes along with  winning start, securing the
  individual gold, silvers and     team gold, beating Tonbridge   The eleven U13 boys standing
  bronze medals. And all this      by two points (three athletes  on the start line must have
  despite the weather which was    to score). First home, having  been inspired by the girls as
  typical cross country weather,   a brilliant run was Emilie     they stormed to a team gold
  constant rain and the going      Penlington finishing strongly  as well winning by 15 points.
  under foot was difficult with    to win a fine silver medal in  Rowan Fuss continued his
  long grass, bogg y puddles,      2nd place. Jessica Neal and    fantastic season winning
  mud and adverse cambers.         Rosie Allen had great runs     comfortably with Joseph
                                   and could only be separated    Georgiadis giving himself
The girls are now Kent             by a second as they took 6th   a great birthday present
Champions in the U13, U15          and 7th place respectively.    winning the bronze medal
and U17 age groups and won         Lily Tappenden 14th and        in a strong 3rd. Peter Guy
silver in the U20 and the boys     Alice Prentice 16th were next  who won the bronze here last
are now Kent Champions in          BB finishers followed by       year had to settle for a still
the U13 and bronze medalist        Morgan Squibb 25th, Gracie     respectable 5th place having
in the U15 and U17’s.              Horton 26th, Niamh Milo        worked hard throughout the
                                   30th, Zoe Austridge 40th and   race. Keir Lundy finished
                                   Lauren Goddard 56th.           well in 12th completing the
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