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Athletics Report                    23

Millie Smith followed by Kelsi   Henry Cowie who crossed          getting him to Swanley in
Cornish                          the line in a fantastic 3rd,     time for his race and finished
                                 complaining about blisters       33rd. Lewis Warren had a
strong run in 24th and just      to anyone who would listen!      good run in 42nd, while
behind with a late decision      Michael Eagling had a solid      Frankie Scrivener finished
to run was Billy Keene in        run in 8th followed by the       49th. Charlie Andrews, not
25th. Jake Leng making his       ever improving Callum Myatt      only made his BBHAC debut
BBHAC debut had a good           in 23rd. The team finished 3rd   having only just joined the
run finishing 27th followed      but equal on points with 2nd     club but also did well crossing
by Cameron Swatton 33rd          place. Oscar Hussey, having      the line in 53rd considering
and Matthew Proctor on his       not run much lately due to       he had never heard of the
winter debut 42nd.               other sporting commitments,      Kent League cross counrty
The U15 girls having won         went off bravely and finished    until last Thursday. Good
the National Road Relay          well in 25th with George         to have Charlie in the team.
title last weekend were once     Pope, despite doing a roly poly  Ever present Harrison Parker
again in fine form and won       at the start, just behind in     continues to improve and
the team race having four        26th. Lewis Stickings, helped    finished 57th and Charlie
girls in the top 10. Naomi       or hindered by having his dad    Scrivener cross the line in
Kingston was 4th, Yasmin         and brother by his side on       62nd in obvious discomfort,
Austridge 5th followed by        their mountain bikes finished    hopefully nothing too serious.
first year in the age group      in 29th. Coleman Corry spent
Millie Smith 6th and Kelsi       his morning playing rugby        The morning had been very
Cornish 9th. Grace Scopes        for Whitgift before his dad      autumnal with bright sunshine
had a great run, possibly        Nic broke some traffic laws      right up to the start of the U17
spurred on by her German                                          girls’ race but with the girls all
Shepherd Leo, proudly            Yasmin Austridge                 lining up waiting for the gun
wearing his Blackheath vest,                                      the sky darkened and then the
finishing 14th and Stephanie                                      heavens opened. Heavy rain
Taylor 15th. It was good to                                       and large hail stones had all
see Tammy Falshaw back                                            other athletes and spectators
competing and finishing 21st                                      running for cover while the
and Amy Leach completed                                           girls began their arduous
the strong squad in 26th.                                         3.5k race. The rain was so
Twelve U15 boys stood on                                          heavy Jessica Keene was seen
the start line ready for their                                    running with her hands over
race and interesting to note                                      her face whilst others were
that 75% of them are first year                                   running with head tucked in
U15s. It was a determined                                         against the elements. This
                                                                  didn’t stop a great race from
                                                                  being run and proves what
                                                                  a strong bunch of athletes
                                                                  cross country runners really
                                                                  are. The race was won by
                                                                  Cambridge Harriers’ National
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