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   Tri club news
   The Iron Man of Lanza

    Nick Kinsey’s year     I started off by running a       which had over 3,500 athletes
 so far has been one of    couple of seriously steep        competing this year. One
 deep satisfaction as he   ‘Mountain Marathons’ to          step lower on the podium
continued his odyssey of   enhance my run strength and      for me, a third place, against
  exotic parts in search   overall core/conditioning, but   stiff competition left me
of further glories. Since  ended up falling over more       happy enough with my
                           times than I care to remember,   form (following a chest
   March he had been       cutting myself up quite badly,   infection, cough and cold
working as a triathlon     calling into question the        a couple of weeks before).
                           wisdom of this decision.         There was a great picture of
   and cycling coach in                                     me in my pointy silver aero
Mallorca, whilst at the    Next up, in early April, was     helmet leaning my bike over
same time pursuing his     a great little triathlon race    Valentino Rossi style on one
                           in a little fishing port on the  of the descents... well almost.
  own training towards     Eastern coast of Mallorca
his primary goal of the    called Porto Colom, with         Two weeks later followed my
                           a pretty lighthouse on the       primary goal IM Lanzarote
  year... to win his age   headland at the mouth of         the full distance event
    category at the Iron   the harbour. It is the perfect   (2.4miles, 112 miles and a
                           season opener, offering two      marathon run). I flew home
         Man Lanza.        distances, the full 111km (1km   from Mallorca the week
                           swim, 100km bike, and 10km       before the race to hook up
                           run) and the 55.5km ‘half’       with my Thomas Cook flight
                           version. I finished 2nd to a     and hotel package the next
                           Belgian guy who informed         day, to stay near the race
                           me from the top step of the      start in Puerto Del Carmen.
                           podium that he owed his
                           victory to the Tagliatelle
                           ‘Wiggins’ that he’d eaten in
                           Tolo’s the evening before!

                           After this I rode a long
                           distance sportive, the
                           Mallorca 312km, round the
                           island ride, with a group
                           from a large club in Kent.
                           Although not strictly a race,
                           it offered a pretty intensive
                           workout which took over
                           12hrs to complete... that’s a
                           tough day’s training!

                           Next up was the biggest
                           Half Ironman race in the
                           World, the Mallorca 70.3,
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