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Athletics Report            41

President Dick Griffin with Ian Montgomery, Will Slack and Fintan Parkinson

just let go down Boundary Hill”      Some runners, myself                 points steadily over the 9
he said and without having           included, might go into              events, enough to add up to
to face the awful slog up            the last race with a specific        a winning total but not so
Fox Hill, the bane of most           plan in mind, worked out             many as to adversely affect
runners especially near the          scientifically from data and of      his handicap and so prevent
end of a race. He felt charged       other rivals’ previous form.         him from maintaining his
up. “This year... the people         Will had a race plan but it          position amongst the leading
around you in the points table who   was reassuringly simple. “Just       contenders. The points gained
are faster than you normally start   start slowly and run the first half  in each event ranged from 30
behind you... you run scared like a  easy, then use the momentum and      to 53 with an average of 41
rabbit.” He was looking out for      downhill to build up pace and        which over 9 events would
those runners placed directly        run hard to the finish.” In the      have been enough in most
behind him in the handicap           end he ran ‘hard all the way         years to win the Bennett cup
table, but ensured they would        round the course’, and in            and his 369 were just that.
not catch him. As it was his         doing so secured for himself
19 point lead, very useful at        his second Bennett Cup in six        As to the statistics of the
this stage of proceedings,           years.                               competition, 124 athletes
turned into a very respectable                                            took part (95 men and
25 point winning margin, the         So far as handicap awards            29 women with 405 total
best for a Bennet Cup winner         in each race were concerned          performances. The ages of
for seven years.                     he did not gain any this             the runners ranged from the
                                     year but accumulated his             oldest 71 (Mike Richards)
   38   39   40   41   42   43   44   45   46   47   48