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Behind the scenes…

Paul Austridge pays tribute to the supporters

        It’s no surprise that  We needed their expertise       contingent were hoping to
   Blackheath and Bromley      on certain occasions notably    leave early and spend the
  are such a great club with   during the weekend of the       afternoon relaxing with Dave
great athletes, members and    National Cross Country          Cordell and Nic Corry in the
parents who provide support    Championships at Mansfield.     pub however, their plans were
  in many ways, officiating,                                   scuppered when Dick filled
                               The bulk of the boys’ squad     his son Gareth’s car with the
          driving, providing   and a few of the girls’ squad   wrong fuel. Several hours and
  refreshments and cheering    travelled up by minibus on      pounds later they were ready
                               the Friday but as numbers       to join the traffic jams!!
          the athletes along.  increase each year we are
                               very fortunate to have          Next morning the sight of
                               parents willing and happy       diligent Dave, our driver
                               to transport our athletes       for the weekend, rushing
                               all the way to the midlands     back into the hotel looking
                               and back. Nick Swatton,         concerned was a real worry.
                               Cameron’s dad did just this     The minibus wouldn’t start
                               and took four of the U13        as the battery had completely
                               boys. Unfortunately Nick had    drained. We thought Nick
                               a blow out puncture on the      Swatton had had enough
                               M11 and despite jacking the     of vehicle problems but he
                               car up and undoing the wheel    reacted quickly and whisked
                               nuts was unable to remove the   Dave away to find somewhere
                               wheel. The two hour wait in     to buy jump leads. Thirty
                               a field next to the motorway    minutes later sporting a heavy
                               was great fun for the boys      duty pair they quickly set
                               who re enacted X factor over    about getting the minibus
                               and over, but not so for Nick.  started. Huge thanks go
                               We weren’t the only ones with   to Nick Swatton for many
                               vehicle issues, the Griffin     reasons but especially for
                                                               making light work of the
                                                               situation and getting us
                                                               all mobile again. Nick did
                                                               get his rewards as all of
                                                               the Blackheath contingent
                                                               cheered him on during his
                                                               senior mens race, despite
                                                               wearing the colours of our
                                                               rivals Herne Hill Harriers!!

                                                               One constant and ever
                                                               present feature of the many
                                                               cross country events over the
                                                               season was the tent and once
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