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42                                                                  Athletics Report


to the youngest 12 (Rowan         It was particularly satisfying    increase your chances of
Fuss). John Turner took two       because he hadn’t taken part      having a crack at it. “When you
awards, thus defying the          at all in the 2013/14 series.     have a lay off and come back” he
handicapper. Of those 124         Not because of injury, but        said “you have a better chance”.
taking part in at least one       since other commitments
race 51 were under 40 years       prevented him from starting       So for Will, this winter,
old (41% of competitors).         all nine events. He insists that  despite the hard slog, was, in
Of these runners 30 were          to make it worthwhile you         the end, not one of discontent
under 20 years old, that          should aim to do as many as       but a winter’s tale of a winner
is nearly a quarter of the        possible if not all of them or    whose running despite the
field. However it could be        not do it at all.                 limitations of time and fitness
argued that of these most,                                          has found new direction.
22 out of 30, ran in only         If you run all nine you get a
one or two events mainly          special medal for doing so,                               Wilf Orton
the shorter ones such as the      one of distinctive quality.
relays (in almost summer          Only 6 runners did all events
conditions) so perhaps cross      over six months and a
country is still not attractive   total
enough amongst the younger        of 56¼
members and more so in the        miles (as
20s and 30s. It seems that it is  opposed to
particularly competed for by      just the one race of
those in their 50s.               26.2 miles) to get one
                                  of those. In some ways
Will declared that he was very    it’s more valuable than
proud of his achievement,         getting a London Marathon
and didn’t take the winning       finisher’s medal.
of the cup lightly. It was
to him very satisfying. A         “Could anyone ever win the
change from those elite           Bennett Cup three times?”
runners who achieve some          he was asked. Well it was
success or landmark but are       a very interesting question
still possessed of a sense of     but that might defeat the
comparative failure. He’d         purpose of the Bennett
never won a race before and       Cup which allows runners
prior to this and his winning     of all standards to have
the Bennett Cup in 2009 his       a chance to win the
only other memorable honour       trophy because of the
was once gaining 3rd place in     handicap system.
the Vets Championships in         But sometimes not
the Club 10km.                    running in it for one
                                  winter can benefit you
                                  as well and you might
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