Page 24 - BBHAC Winter 2015-16 Gazette
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22                                                                       Athletics Report


to have good numbers in the       hoping to run but hadn’t               Thanks to the back up team
traditional quieter age group     fully recovered from a recent
between young athlete and         calf injury picked up indoors          Many thanks go to Mr and
senior.                           (track not at home!), however          Mrs President Dave and
                                  Cameron didn’t waste his               Hanna Cordell for all they
We had most athletes in the       time and was a great asset on          do on these busy weekends
U15 boys age group and as a       the day supporting all age             away, from pitching the
team we finished 12th. Angus      groups and helping out where           tent, collecting numbers,
Harrington once again led         he could.                              sorting hotel/room issues
the boys home with a great                                               and looking after PP Ken
run in 61st, Henry Cowie on       The team mangers awards for            Daniel as he matures in years.
his first run for the club since  this years Nationals go to and         Thanks also to PP Mike Peel
going to Millfield School was     Kelsey Fuss for her superb             for all his great action shots
80th and a fine improving         run and Thomas Penlington              and to team managers Nic
run from Callum Myatt in          for his great top 100 finish in        Cory and Nick Swatton and
106th. Joseph Georgiadis          his first in the U13 age group.        chaperone Claire Austridge
was 155th, Charlie Andrews                                               for all their work they do
157th, Michael Eagling            The monthly awards and                 instinctively to ensure the
164th, Coleman Cory 239th,        winners of this months                 athletes have a fun and safe
George Pope 249th and Ben         ‘Power of 10 watches’ go to            weekend. Also great to have
Gardiner 328th. Keir Lundy        Daniella Harper for her great          so many Past Presidents and
was going well on the first       run and big improvement on             members there supporting
lap but had to pulled out in      her great South of England             all ages.
some discomfort. Leo Braden       result and the boys monthly
was due to run but aggravated     award goes to Callum Myatt             Final thanks from Andy
a hamstring while warming         for his great run and big              Frankish and myself go to
up. Cameron Swatton was           improvement on his great               team captains Niamh and
                                  South of England result.               Marco who have done so
                                                                         much to help the teams run
                                                                         smoothly both on race days
                                                                         and before, their assistance
                                                                         has been massive and
                                                                         gratefully received.

                                                                         Paul Austridge

The U13 girls setting out to retain their team title at the Kent County
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